Why Choose A Home Elevator – Are They Worth The Money?

I would wager quite a bit of my hard-earned money that the majority of people reading this article on home elevators would never have thought that, for roughly the same investment as a stairlift, you could actually have a fully functioning elevator installed in your home which could take up to three people and a wheelchair if needed between all your floors. Well, in this article we look at the benefits of doing just that and having a home elevator fitted in your house.

Remarkably, almost every type of home in the UK has the space to have a house elevator fitted. The lift systems themselves are very compact and fitting can often take place all on the same day. Often based in the corner of a room the home elevator takes up a surprisingly small footprint and if you choose an expert such as Multicare Mobility they even send an installer to your home to measure up and ensure it’s going in the most convenient place within your home.

Why choose a home elevator?

One of the main reasons people are choosing home elevators over stairlifts is down to the safety aspect. Most falls within your home in the elderly population in the UK happen on the staircase and, of course, this tends to be the most serious too with regard to injury, so the fact of being able to maneuver straight into a home elevator without having to get out of your wheelchair, if you use one that is, will eliminate all the worry and potential injury you may encounter with a stairlift or nothing at all to help you upstairs and downstairs.

Home elevators come with all sorts of other safety features too including a phone in the carriage should you need any immediate attention along with a backup battery in case of a power cut. The half-door allows you to be securely seated within the home elevator whilst being able to see out at all times. Often the domestic house elevator will go between the living room and the bedroom to make night times and mornings every so easy to negotiate.

What are the costs involved?

A domestic home lift can often be the solution to staying in your home or having to sell up and buy a much more expensive bungalow when looking at the cost per square foot of your property. There is also the fact that by installing a domestic home elevator at your property you can stay close to loved ones, friends, and carers as well as keeping your same set of neighbors. That’s only a bonus though if you get on with your current neighbors I suppose.

Home elevators come in a couple of sizes to suit everyone’s needs. You can have the entry size home elevator for smaller properties where space is very much a premium and can take two persons between floors at once or upgrade to the slightly larger version which can have an occupancy of three persons or two persons and a wheelchair, the choice is yours.

Home elevators summary

If you are thinking of moving house as you are experiencing mobility issues or indeed are looking to install a stairlift now or in the future, it may well be worth your while to consider installing a domestic home elevator instead. Not only will it offer many people a better standard of life within their home, but it will also add far more value to your home if you come to sell it.

Final words

Take a look at the domestic elevator option and you will not regret it. Thanks very much for reading about the advantages of installing a domestic home elevator. 

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