How To Keep The Bathroom Clean And Fresh For A Long Time

Cleaning and maintaining the bathroom is a task that nobody is ever excited about. However, a clean and fresh-smelling bathroom can change your mood positively. Since everyone in the family uses the bathroom it is one of the most frequented areas of the home. Build-up, stains, bacteria, and germ infestation are common concerns that come with an unclean bathroom.

How to keep the bathroom clean and fresh

Here are some easy-to-follow ways in which it can be kept clean and fresh for a long time.

Ventilate the bathroom

The moisture inside the bathroom, especially in places like the cracks and crevices can become a breeding ground for mildew, mold, and bacteria. This accumulation also leads to a bad odor. Ventilating is the simplest way of getting rid of these health concerns and keeping it smelling fresh.

If you don’t have a window to ventilate the bathroom, an exhaust fan is a great solution. It provides air circulation inside the bathroom, which removes odor, mold, mildew, and bacteria.

Keep the towels dry

Keeping wet towels in the bathroom, which is a habit for many, is a very bad idea. The humidity inside the bathroom doesn’t let it dry and the sweat, sebum, skin cells, makeup remnants, etc. make the towel even more vulnerable to the build-up of bacteria. This can cause a bad odor in the bathroom.

The best practice is to dry your towel in the sun after using it. Washing them often and hanging them is another thing that keeps the towels fresh and long-lasting.

Contact a plumber

Plumbing problems such as clogged toilets, damaged flush, leaking, etc are quite frustrating problems that also make the bathroom messier and worn out. Call a plumber for bathroom remodel.  Ensure that all pipes and taps are working fine. Get it replaced or repaired if needed. Get all leakages fixed by an expert. It’s easier to keep the bathroom clean and dry if there are no leaks.

Organize your cabinets

Bathrooms are the places where we keep our makeup products, medicines, and hair styling tools. A well-organized cabinet will keep the bathroom clean and avoid cluttering. Dedicate spots for different categories of products such as medicines, hair tools, makeup, etc. This also keeps the products safe from water in the bathroom. Keep the useful clutter within reach but stashed away.

Disinfect the toilet brush

Your best friend when it comes to keeping the toilet clean is your toilet brush. A dirty brush can also dirty the surface that you are cleaning. To disinfect the brush keep it soaked in a solution of equal parts vinegar and water overnight after you use it. The next morning scrub it clean with baking soda and hold it under hot water to thoroughly clean it. Air-dry the brush properly and use it again.


The bathroom is one of the quickest rooms to get dirty. These tips will help maintain it and keep it clean for a longer period. The longer you keep the bathroom dirty the worse it gets, therefore it is recommended that you start scrubbing and cleaning as soon as possible.

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