4 Ways To Prevent Your Toilet From Clogging

Toilet clogs are quite messy. They make the house smelly, uncomfortable, and unpleasant for guests. Aside from that, they can cause leaks and flooding, damage your drain, and expose you and your family to viruses, germs, and bacteria.

Before identifying how to prevent toilet clogs, it’s best to understand why they occur first. The main reason for this problem is disposing of feminine products, food, hair, cotton balls, and wipes into the toilet.

A plumber will tell you that the only things that you should flush down your toilet are human waste and tissue paper. Besides that, the clogs could also be caused by blocked plumbing vents, sewer lines, or low toilet flow.

How to avoid toilet clogs?

If you’re experiencing a toilet clog, you can fix it only if you have the expertise to do the job. However, if you don’t, research online to find an excellent plumber in your area, then you can contact them and ask them to fix the problem for you. On the other hand, you can also ask a loved one to refer you to a reliable professional.

Once the issue has been settled, below are some of the measures you could take to prevent another toilet clog:

Be careful about what is flushed down the toilet

As mentioned, the primary cause of clogs is disposing of non-flushable materials into the toilet. Therefore, you must ensure that everyone in your household knows that only human waste and tissue paper can go into the toilet.

Tissue paper is designed to disintegrate in water to move down the drain easily. However, too much of it could also cause a clog. So, you have to warn your loved ones against flushing an extra amount of tissue paper at one time. 

If you have younger children, their curiosity could lead them to drop toys into the toilet. Small items may pass through, but they can create a huge problem afterward. To prevent this, ensure you monitor what they carry while going to the bathroom.

Invest in a flush cleaner

Buying a flush cleaner could also help you avoid toilet clogging. This product is hooked onto your toilet and helps prevent blockages by sufficiently cleaning it after every flush. This way, it helps ensure there isn’t clogging by preventing waste from building up. You can check out Project for Home if you want to know the best flush cleaner for your toilet.

Besides that, it also leaves your toilet smelling fresh, creating a comfortable environment for you, your loved ones, and even guests.

Clean your toilet regularly

Taking proper care of your toilet could also help you prevent clogs. One way to do so is by washing it regularly.

It’s advisable to use mild commercial products or home-based items like vinegar and baking soda—these work sufficiently to clean your toilet porcelain. Harsh products may be discouraged because they may cause harm if touched, inhaled in excess amounts, or consumed.

Cleaning your toilet often helps avoid clogging because the practice prevents material buildup. Also, it enables you to spot issues with plumbing like leaks or slow water flow early on before they can cause significant problems in the future.

Inspect your toilet regularly

Proper maintenance of your toilet also entails inspecting it regularly. It may be recommended to do this at least twice every year. This practice helps you identify if all the components are in good condition and working sufficiently.

The process involves checking if the toilet is attached correctly to the floor if it’s flushing correctly, if there are leaks or cracks on its exterior or interior, and if the tank is refilling water as it should. You can also check if the fill valve stops at a good water level or if the flapper is in good shape.

Inspecting your toilet will help you identify issues that could lead to clogging early on before a disaster occurs. If you see any problems when checking your toilet, fix them if you have the expertise. Otherwise, call an expert to help you out.

Also, if you have a busy schedule and can’t find time to properly inspect your toilet, ask a plumber to do the task for you. They’ll check it professionally and fix any existing issues immediately.


Toilet clogs are unpleasant and make the house uncomfortable. Besides that, they may be health hazards and could damage your drain. In this article, you’ve learned about some of the factors that cause this issue. You’ve also seen that toilet clogs could be avoidable and identified some of the ways to prevent the problem.

Consider following the provided recommendations to avoid frequent toilet blockages and maintain a well-functioning toilet. If there are any problems, resolve them immediately or call a professional plumber as soon as possible. This way, you’ll prevent a minor issue from escalating into a significant problem that’s costly to fix.

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