7 Unique Finishes To Upgrade Your Bathroom Design

Do you want to upgrade your sink & bathroom amenities? Well, the good news is you can do your dream project at very competitive prices.

 You can achieve all this by conducting a remodeling project. The said process may include modifying the present layout or design or giving your worn-down bathroom amenities a new feel, such as upgrading the containers or dispensers of personal hygiene essentials. A bathroom remodeling may also entail replacing or installing a vanity, bathtub, showers, countertops, and/or cabinets, among others.

At the Sink & Bathroom Shop showrooms, you can find a wide product range of budget bathroom fittings and many other bathroom design essentials.

Whether you’re revamping your old toilets or creating ones for your new home in Brisbane, Sink & Bathroom Shop has it all. Plus, you’re sure to enjoy fantastic sales & service at this popular sink warehouse.

If you’re like one of their many trade customers doing some renovating, make sure to follow these helpful pieces of advice on designing your bathroom:

More bathroom storage space

Space in toilets can get filled up relatively quickly. Fortunately, you can easily add more storage by following these tips:

  • Install hooks wherever possible.
  • Affix an over-the-door shelf or place stands on the door itself.
  • Stack shelves.
  • Buy a storage ladder for towels and clothes.
  • Install a secret shelf behind your full-body mirror.
  • Use baskets for towel storage.
  • Place extra drawers or caddies under the sink.
  • Mount magnetic organisers for cosmetics and other small items.
  • Place your bathroom cleaning materials on a lazy Susan.

Floating vanities for an airy space

Does your bathroom feel stuffy and cramped?

Fitting a new floating vanity is the best thing you could do for that! As the name suggests, it’s a style that makes it seem like the vanity is off the floor.

What’s great about this upgrade is that it’s pretty simple. You can use a solid wooden plank and fit it with a vessel sink. You can even install the two kitchen sinks you’ve purchased from the bathroom shop!

If you want to store accessories nearby, make sure to install drawers under your floating vanity sink.

Frameless bathroom shower for easy accessibility

Maybe you’ve been thinking of installing an amazing glass shower door—a fixture that can add life to your otherwise dull bathroom.

That said, it can be an issue if you’re living with people with mobility issues. They’ll find it hard to go over the door lip/ledge, after all.

Despite this setback, you can still proceed with your renovation job.

At the Sink and Bathroom shop, you’ll find a walk-in frameless glass shower, among many other quality products. Not only is it easily accessible, but it’s also effortless to install.

DIY heated towel bar

No one likes to be wrapped around in a cold towel!

If you want to revel in a relaxing experience every time you take a bath, you don’t necessarily have to shop for an electric towel bar. You can place a metal bar inside the shower opposite the showerhead.

See, every time you take a hot shower, the steam will heat the towel automatically. With this, you don’t have to pay higher prices to enjoy world-class comfort.

Steam shower renovation for a home spa

Sure, a trip to the spa can be regarded as one of pleasure. But wouldn’t it be nice if you could get the same excellent service right at home?

The good news is you can get everything you need for a home spa right at the Sink and Bathroom shop.

For this project, all you need to get are the following materials:

  • A door that tightly seals at all sides
  • Vapour barrier for the ceiling
  • Wall framing to seal off moisture
  • Reaching studs and joists
  • Steam generator with a 220-volt heating element

Bathroom shower bench to add to your home spa

If you’ve already installed a steam shower, why not go all out with a shower bench? The additional price wouldn’t be as high, especially if you get your supplies from the Sink and Bathroom shop.

Here, you can buy tiles that match the shower, as well as a bench made from glass or teak. Again, you can install these fixtures all on your own.

Free-standing tub for a complete experience

Full tubs may be expensive, but a free-standing one can give you the same experience for a lower price. It’s markedly easier to install, too. You just put it in its dedicated space, and that’s it!

When buying a free-standing tub, make sure to shop for a roomy style. You don’t want to strain your back, after all. While hot water usage will spike your water and electricity bills for a bit, the soothing relief your tub offers is all worth it!

Final thoughts

If you want to keep your renovation job within your budget, make sure to visit the Sink and Bathroom shop in the North or South Shore of Brisbane.

From purchasing a sink to buying laundry products, the store offers the brands you want from various suppliers. You can also expect excellent service from staff who are more than ready to assist you. The store also accepts Apple Pay and major credit cards so you can shop for your wares conveniently.

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