8 Tips For Decluttering That Really Work

No matter how tidy and clean you are, clutter can build up quickly inside your house. If this is all too familiar, then don’t worry; you’re not alone. Hundreds of homeowners have to deal with clutter every day. That said, de-cluttering your home has countless benefits.

Number one – it saves you money and time as you’re not double handing things or looking for stuff that might usually be out of place. Not to mention, when everything is in its rightful place, you’ll have fewer things to organize and less stuff to clean. Number two – you’ll be able to move freely inside your house without colliding with unnecessary items in your way. Number three and the most important – you’ll be less stressed out when you won’t have to live in an anxiety-inducing living space.

Tips for decluttering the house

So, now that we’ve shared a few tips for decluttering your home, let us take a look at some de-cluttering tips that actually work.

Let go of unnecessary items 

Of course, letting go of things that hold sentimental value is challenging for most people. It is because these items might be connected to good memories. However, holding on to stuff that doesn’t have any value adds unnecessary clutter to your living space. Getting rid of these things will definitely free up some space, allowing you to utilize the freed-up space more efficiently. 

Instead of throwing these items outright, collect them in a cardboard box and give them away to someone who can actually use them. For example, you can drop them off at your local charity. If these items aren’t in usable condition, then and only then, dispose of them by hiring a junk removal company. 

Rent a storage unit

One of the easiest ways to keep clutter at bay is by utilizing a self-storage unit. It is a perfect option for individuals who have tons of unused items lying around collecting dust. As mentioned before, these items might hold sentimental value and won’t be easy to part ways with, so renting a storage unit will allow you to keep them safe and secure. Not to mention, you can also rent a temperature-control storage unit. Check out Henfield Storage for guaranteed secure self storage units in Crawley, Horsham, and Fulham.

So, suppose you have valuable pieces of art that are just collecting dust or antique furniture that nobody uses. In that case, a temperature-controlled storage unit is the best possible solution for you. 

Expand your cabinet storage

When it comes to your kitchen, keeping everything organized is what it’s all about. After all, nobody likes to cook food in a messy kitchen. So, consider making the most of your cabinetry, no matter the type or size. With the help of a quick DIY solution, you can keep everything from spices to cookware to utensils more organized. 

For example, you can mount a rack on your pantry door or the back of your cabinet or install a roll-out drawer to expand your existing storage space. 

Utilize the storage under the sink

Rather than utilizing your bathroom to increase your vanity space, take advantage of your under-the-sink space with stackable plastic drawers, bins, and labeled baskets. Moreover, you can also use this space to tuck away everything out of sight and out of mind. 

Furthermore, you should also install a toiletry rack on your bathroom walls to store bathroom essentials such as toothbrushes, toothpaste, towel, combs, etc. 

Optimize your wall space

It would be best if you utilized your walls whenever and wherever you can. For example, you can stick hooks on your living room walls to store photos frames instead of resting them or your furniture. Or do the same inside your bedroom to hand coats and bags. Moreover, you can also attach shoe racks to your bedroom walls to keep your shoe collection organized some hidden storage are also came in handy.

That said, be careful as you might end up storing too much on your walls, making your home more cluttered than before. 

Remove duplicate items 

It would be wise to change your ‘I could use this later’ mindset. Such a packrat mentality won’t work at all if you’re looking to de-clutter your home. Sometimes we upgrade and keep a hold of the outdated, less-useful item. Or sometimes we forget we already have it and purchase another one. So, if you have multiple items of the same type (unless they are essential, like batteries or lightbulbs), they must go. 

It is especially the case when talking about removing clutter from your drawers or closets. Trust us when we say this; you don’t need five white t-shirts. So, go through your clothes such as tops, pants, and accessories and get rid of items that are in multiples. 

Label everything

Have you ever wondered why there are so many unique origination ideas on Pinterest? It is because everything is labeled correctly. That said, some people find label-making a time-consuming task. However, it with be worthwhile when you look at the finished result. 

When you label something, it takes organization to the next level. not to mention, you’ll be able to find stuff a lot easier when they’re placed inside their designated, labeled storage boxes. So, people who avoid labeling items should invest in a good label maker. Once you do, you’ll be literally marking everything in your house to keep your home tidy and organized. 

Digitize your photos 

Are you holding on to old photos of your family and friends? We know you are! These photo albums are bulky and take up unnecessary space. However, as we live in a world dominated by technology, it will only take a couple of hours to digitize all your photos and store them on a computer. Moreover, you can also upload these photos to the cloud if you think your computer isn’t secure enough. 


Removing clutter from our lives or homes isn’t a one or two-day process. Instead, it requires a lot of careful planning and should be done little by little every day. Moreover, consider making a checklist of items you no longer need, as it will make the de-cluttering process hassle-free. So, consider starting the de-cluttering process sooner rather than later with the help of the tips mentioned above to have a home that feels and looks comfortable and open. 

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