How To Use Kitchen Knives Safely

Accidents happen, and when there are knives involved you need to be extra careful. It’s not just that you must keep knives out of children’s reach, there are certain precautions you need to take to avoid nasty accidents.

How to use kitchen knives safely

Here are a few tips on how to use kitchen knives safely.

Keep your knives sharp

This may sound counterintuitive, but it’s best to make sure you always use sharp knives. The reason is that when you know a certain knife has a dull blade you’re inclined to use extra force even when all you have to do is peel an apple.

Too much force can lead to that blade giving you a serious cut. You don’t need to bother with fancy self-sharpening knives, as even a good low-budget knife set will come with stainless steel sharp blades that won’t get dull any time soon.

Always use a chopping board

If you’ve seen expert chefs slicing potatoes in their hands, don’t do that! No matter what the task at hand is, always use a solid chopping board so you don’t risk slicing the tip of your finger as well.

Secure the chopping board

You don’t know how easy it is for a chopping board to slide off a shiny countertop and that can be enough to cause an unfortunate accident. You can make sure the chopping board stays in place by putting a damp kitchen towel underneath, so it adheres to the counter.

Easy does it

When you’re in a hurry to make dinner, you might be tempted to prove just how skilled and how quick you are with a knife. Be that as it may, just take it easy with all the chopping. Just one second of distraction while you’re chopping carrots and you may end up chopping your finger as well.

Make a flat surface

Round and odd-shaped fruits and vegetables are dangerous as they can easily slip. It’s best to cut a small piece of potato or onion and create a flat surface. Lay it on the board with the flat part facing down before you start chopping or slicing.

Never wave a knife

This has got nothing to do with actual cooking, but if you’re one of those people who enjoy some company in the kitchen, don’t ever wave a knife in the middle of an animated discussion. Not if you’re telling the funniest joke or just trying to prove your point. Never.

Never pick a knife by the blade

Remember that a knife is basically a piece of super sharp stainless steel. One wrong move and there will be blood all over the counter. Pick the knife by the handle and make sure your hands are not wet or oily if you don’t want to drop it on your foot.

Also, if it’s the knife that’s oily, clean it and pat the handle dry before proceeding to the next task.

Always clean the knives first

If you like to place all the dishes in the sink to soak before actually cleaning them, that’s just fine, only take care of the knives first. Don’t drop the knives in the soapy water, as you might cut your hand later on when you start doing the dishes. And, speaking of cleaning, always use a good cleaner with a sponge to clean the blade and don’t apply unnecessary force so the blade won’t cut through it,

Once you’re done washing the knives, let them dry before placing them back in your knife set.

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