Soft Water 101: How Long Does A Fleck Water Softener Last?

Hard water is hard to detect. Yet 85 percent of American households have hard water in them. It is one of the most prevalent problems with American drinking water, and there are not many solutions. Buying a Fleck water softener is one of them. Yet you shouldn’t rush to the store and get one just yet. What exactly is hard water? How long does a fleck water softener last? What can you do to keep your water softener working for decades to come? 

Answer these questions and you can get an easy fix for your hard water. Here is your quick guide. 

The essentials of hard water 

Water hardness refers to the level of dissolved minerals inside a water supply. Calcium and magnesium can break down very easily and enter into a waterway.

Hard water is not toxic, and dissolved amounts of minerals can supply the body with essential nutrients. But in excessive amounts, minerals can leave residue on objects. Through time, residue can build up inside of pipes and cause them to clog

How long a fleck water softener can last For 

A Fleck water softener is designed to last for decades. The warranty for its control head lasts for only five years, and the warranty for its tank may only last ten years. 

But a softener can last for up to 30 years, depending on how it is used. You must pour water softener salt into its tank so it can work continuously. The longer the softener goes without salt, the more it will break down. 

How you can preserve your water softener

Follow the Fleck water softener manual closely. Before you set up your system, you should check the hardness levels in your pipes. If the levels are too high, you should make fixes before installing your Fleck 5600 water softener. 

Even while your softener is working, you should try to decrease the hardness levels. Lime juice and other acids can destroy the minerals inside the water without affecting pipes or appliances. 

The less water you use, the less stress you will put on your softener. Do not run your faucet when you do not need to, including while brushing your teeth. Use less water when cooking or washing your belongings, especially your clothes. 

Whenever you notice your softener is not working, you should fix it. Remove the device from your waterline and make all necessary repairs. 

Keep your eye on Fleck water softener reviews and get a new product when a great one is available. Google water softener fleck so you can keep up with the latest news. 

Get soft water today

Hard water can be a real pain. It is water that contains dissolved amounts of heavy minerals, which can hang onto the sides of your pipes. A Fleck water softener uses salts to remove the tiniest minerals from your water supply. As long as you supply your device with salt, your softener can last for decades. 

Take constant steps to make your water soft. This may involve using less water and pouring lime down your pipes. Hard water is one scourge you can remove from your home. Figure out how to get rid of others by following our coverage. 

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