10 Ways To Increase Your Property’s Kerb Appeal

Before putting your house on the market, upgrading it will help you attract buyers and make a profit. While the interior design’s quality is fundamental when increasing a property’s value, the exterior will make the first impression. If the outside of the house shows clear signs of wear and tear, it could deter people from booking viewings.

The critical house aspects, such as the size and layout, will likely make the buyer’s final decision. However, it’s often the added charm that can influence how buyers feel about the home and encourage them to imagine living in the space.  

Ways to increase your property’s kerb appeal

This guide includes ten ways to increase your home’s kerb appeal, from structural changes to small aesthetic details.  

Invest in renovations

If your house looks worn down, cladding is a great way to transform the exterior’s appearance dramatically.

Timber cladding 

Exterior cladding involves applying an additional layer of building materials to the property’s structural frame to shield it against weather and moisture.

Timber cladding is a popular option as it creates a striking visual, which can suit modern, industrial homes, as well as a rustic style. Timber is also a sustainable material as it absorbs carbon rather than releasing it into the atmosphere, and it can be reused as biofuel or recycled.

International Timber, the UK’s leading importer and distributor of bespoke and sustainable timber, offers a wide range of external timber cladding, including Western Red Cedar and Siberian Larch.

Loft conversion 

Converting an unused loft into a functioning bedroom will hugely increase the property’s desirability, especially for buyers with or planning to have a family. Recent findings revealed a loft conversion could add up to 20% to the property’s value. 

Build an extension 

Enhancing your home’s floor space by building an extension can be a desirable home improvement if you’ve got little indoor space and vast outdoor space going to waste. According to research from last year, an extension can increase the value of an average three-bedroom house by up to 23%.  

Keeping the exterior clean and tidy

Preserving your home’s exterior quality will tell buyers that you’ve also taken just as good care of the interior. In comparison, a disheveled façade will likely leave potential buyers unimpressed and suggest it’s a hassle to maintain the property.


If you have a natural lawn in your garden, ensure it’s well-groomed so viewers can envisage how they could use the space. Keep up with regular gardening tasks, too, such as de-weeding, watering plants, and deterring pests.

In the HomeOwners Alliance survey, 67% of homeowners said a tidy front garden with no weeds and trimmed hedges contributed most to kerb appeal. 

Power wash 

To get rid of any stubborn debris, mold, or dirt across your house exterior, get it power washed. This cleaning technique will dramatically improve the condition of your driveway, decking, fencing, and pathways. 

Clean the windows

If you’ve stylishly dressed your windows, you don’t want the buyers to only focus on the dirty glass, so ensure it’s clean on the outside and inside. Pristinely clean windows will also allow potential buyers to see incredible outdoor views from inside the property, which may be a huge selling point.

Small but effective improvements

The finer details often can make your home appear more inviting and appeal to a buyer’s emotions.

Door colour

Painting your front door or purchasing a new one in a bright colour can inject personality into your house. Research from last year found that a blue front door can add £4,000 in value to your home, and red can increase its worth by £1,800.

Door hardware 

To enhance the character of your front doorway further, upgrade the house number sign, door knocker, and letter plate with stylish, brass alternatives.  


Whether you place a few plant pots in front of your front door or plant flower beds in the garden, you’ll add charm to your property’s façade, which can increase a buyer’s excitement. 

Hide the bins

Having household bins is inevitable and won’t stop home viewers from submitting an offer, but you can impress them by concealing the bins in a wooden storage container.

Final words

As renovating a property is often extremely costly and time-consuming, most homeowners will have to be selective with their investments. However, making small changes will also hugely impact the desirability of your property.

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