6 Tips For Creating Your Real Estate Brokerage Profile To Attract Top Talent

Nowadays, internet recruiting is a must for all real estate brokerages. After all, both active and passive candidates have a significant presence on various online spaces like social media, career sites, and job boards. If you don’t approach them on these platforms, you’ll be missing out on a lot of opportunities to hire great talent.

Simply put, your company needs a robust online recruiting strategy to help solve the problem of how to recruit real estate agents in the digital world. One of the simplest but most effective places to start is creating an impressive company profile. By introducing your real estate brokerage in a compelling manner, you can attract the best candidates even before you post a job opening!

Tips for creating your real estate brokerage profile

To help you craft the best of the best company profile, here are some tips to keep in mind:

Start with the basics

Obviously, you want your company profiles to be something unique and truly attention-grabbing. The problem is that sometimes, in your quest to create the “ultimate” company profile that stands out from the rest, you forget the basic information that job applicants look for.

Aside from your brokerage’s name and business address, remember to include your contact information, your website’s URL, and social media links. You should also include the date or at least the year when your company was established. If you want, you can add a short history and a few of the most significant milestones you’ve reached so far.

Your social media pages are the first things many potential applicants look for. If your social pages look professionally done, you’re conveying your authority in your field. It would help if you make use of captivating images, and captions that compel users to stop and check you out. If you’re able to do that, you’re one step into magnetizing a pool of great talents.

What many social media users tend to neglect is the ability of a powerful bio to tell your story in a brief but riveting way. All social media pages have a bio section where you can include valuable information including your website landing page, customized hashtags, and contact information that both applicants and potential clients may find useful.

Another important thing to consider would be the platform where you’re going to post this profile. If it’s going to be published on your website’s “About Us” page, you can afford to be a little more in-depth. For other sites, such as social media or online job markets, follow their recommendations to optimize your page. This way, you’ll appear more frequently in on-site search results.

One major thing many job seekers get frustrated about is the difficulty of a real estate brokerage to search on the world wide web. Creating a website that is SEO friendly would attract more highly qualified and talented applicants. You can do this by dedicating a blog section to your website, where you can feature relevant things through cleverly crafted content that uses strategies of SEO so your site ranks higher on search engines.

Create a high-level overview of the company

After listing the basics, the next step is to craft the overview. This is where you can more fully explain what sets your brokerage apart and how you can help potential new hires grow their career. Describe the work that you do, including your most successful projects to date. If you have high-profile clients, mention them and what you did to address their needs.

This is also the time to highlight your brokerage’s strengths and niches—do you excel in finding dream homes for newlyweds or perhaps condos for certified bachelors? Highlighting these details can help you streamline applications and find someone that truly matches your requirements.

Don’t underestimate the power of a well-stated mission and vision

These days, when people look for jobs, they’re looking for more than just a way to make a living. They’re also looking for a company whose values align with theirs and whose body of work can give them a sense of purpose. This simply means that you can’t have a complete and rich company profile without adding your mission and vision.

Stating your brokerage’s mission and vision also goes a long way towards making applicants believe in your brand and what you stand for, even before they send their resume and cover letter. When you receive an application, you can then be certain on some level that the person is genuinely interested in becoming part of your group.

One thing you may also add is a witty tagline. A mission and vision may sometimes appear too wordy and serious to readers, and a short one-liner tagline may be more effective in creating a hook that will attract your target applicants. A smartly customized tagline will also give an impression that your firm is a fun group to work with and may also attract smart, unique, and valuable talents.

Boast about your achievements

When it all comes down to it, awards aren’t really the measure of a good real estate brokerage. Still, these awards can help sway candidates. Talented real estate agents, in particular, would likely want to be part of a company that’s recognized by peers as the best of the best. Awards seal your reputation in the industry and give credence to all your work. It also reflects the work done by your team.

In short, include awards and recognitions you’ve received in your company profile. Ideally, the most recent ones should be on top; however, there’s also merit in putting the most significant award first.

Consider having a separate careers page

Does your website have a dedicated careers page? Good! However, have you considered creating a completely separate page for job openings, company culture stories, and similar content? After all, your potential future employees and the rest of the general public want different things from your brokerage.

The good thing is that you don’t have to create a new website for this and simply have the careers page open on a separate tab or window. You can then build a completely different interface for job seekers and applicants, starting from the look and feel to the functionalities such as downloadable forms and learning materials.

Doing this doesn’t just show candidates how different you are. It can also let them know how much you care for people even before they officially become part of your organization.

Use video

If you want to take your company profile to the next level, creating and sharing videos is the way to go. This content format is more engaging, thanks to a multi-sensorial experience. Moreover, Voice over video is a good way to show, not tell. Reading about something is quite different from seeing it. Long story short, video content is a great way to prove that you can walk the talk.

Final words

Of course, setting up a great company profile is just the beginning. After this, you have to craft compelling job ads, manage your talent pool, and ensure a smooth candidate experience, among many other tasks. It can certainly be challenging, but definitely worth the effort when you’re able to hire and retain the best of the best. Good luck!

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