9 Exterior Remodeling Ideas To Add Charm To Your Home’s Exterior

You may realize it or not, but when you haul up to someone’s house, the first thing that draws attention is the residence’s exterior. And this outside of the house gives off the impression of the entire property. The same is the case when other people pull up to your home.

A well-known aphorism, “the first impression is the last,” is quite true during a home refurbishment. When turning the home into a full-blown showstopper, most people generally knuckle down to the house interior. However, people fail to realize the exterior is equally important, if not more.

A house in sunny California, tall green trees, a pristine garden, a fresh and new lick of paint, additional lighting – who doesn’t love the idea of these upgrades?

As good as it sounds, you might think that these makeovers might cost you a lump sum of four to five figures. However, this isn’t true. The reality is the home exterior design isn’t a tall order, nor do you need to cut too deeply into the bank accounts. Instead, it’s far from a complicated task.

With that said, the article offers tips and tricks to make your home look its best. First, however, step back and take a long hard look at your house from the curbside before you proceed.

Exterior remodeling ideas for your house

That way, you can have an accurate picture of before and after the home renovation. Here’s the list of ideas that can beautify the outside of your home and turn it into a beautiful façade:

Create an outdoor seating arrangement

Installing a patio to expand the outdoor space of your home is an excellent idea. But, since you’re in California, it’s best to add a shade cover to protect yourself from direct sunlight and rain.

Pro tip – Type in patio Irvine ca on Google and hit search to choose from various patio shade designs If you’re in Irvine. All you have to do is select the one you want and get it installed.

With a patio, you can host a birthday party or a small family dinner or use it as a good chill-out area for the family.

For example, you can place rocking chairs to make the guests’ seating area look more inviting. You can even use the space to unwind in the evening with a book.

Upgrade the roof

The roof is a significant part of your home. It affects the look of your house and plays a vital role in the overall structure and integrity. That’s why you must prioritize your roof first when it comes to remodeling your home’s exterior.

So pick up your binoculars and walk up to a safe distance to start your roof inspection. Look for missing shingles and cracks. The assessment can give you an idea of whether you need to replace broken shingles or ultimately add a new roof to increase your home’s value.

Moreover, if you live in a warmer place, you can add new architectural roof shingles with more dimensions than the older asphalt ones. They are the best option to keep your home cooler and give your home a fresh, appealing look.

Install lighting fixtures

Installing lights has many invaluable benefits. They can add beauty to your landscape, increase house safety, and help in illuminating steps.

Therefore, if you have old light fixtures, ensure to replace them with new ones to add curb appeal to your house.

In addition, you can invest in buying new and trendy fixtures to add style and elegance to your home. However, when installing, ensure to hire a professional electrician to avoid any damage.

Try to install at walkways, below the roof, by the door, around flowerbeds, and other various areas to give a dramatic effect to your landscape.

Update the front door

Another way to increase your home experience is to update the front door. Look for unique door styles that best suits your home structure and give your exterior a refreshing look. However, when replacing your front door, keep in mind that you need to change the frame and other components. You may need to hire an expert who gets the work done neatly and proficiently for this job.

And if you are on a shoestring budget, never fret because you can still give a fresh style to your front door by repainting it. Ensure the color you choose to paint must complement your house’s façade.

Replace windows

Once you have upgraded the front door of your house, your next step should be to give touch-ups to your windows. After all, the windows are the eyes of any home, and providing a makeover to them can make a significant difference.

However, fewer or small-sized windows make your home interior look dark and rob off the attractiveness of your home exterior. Thus, look for ways to replace your older windows with newer and enlarged ones.

You can also opt for energy-efficient windows to update your home’s exterior. The best thing about these windows is that they have E-coating that helps minimize heat loss, in turn, allows you to save on utility bills.

However, if you aren’t keen to replace windows, ensure they’re clean. Or better yet, add window treatments and shutters if you think they lack definition. Pick a paint color that contrasts the sliding one to enchant the home’s curb appeal.

Pay attention to the driveway

The first thing that your guests, potential buyers, or even passersby notice in your house is the driveway. So ensure to pay heed to this part of your home, too. Look for any cracks or potholes in your driveway, as they can take away the overall charm of your home’s exterior.

If the damages aren’t extensive, you can fix them with a small patch-up job. Otherwise, you might need to refashion your whole driveway.

Also, add beauty to your driveway by replacing it with bricks or pavers. Or you can add a little greenery around your driveway to give it a finishing touch.

Moreover, have you placed the garbage bin near your driveway? Maybe, you need to change its location, perhaps, away from the front view of your house.

Revamp the mailbox

Homeowners generally don’t give a second thought to the mailbox attached at the entrance. A traditional black-colored rusty metal mailbox or a green plastic one is, undoubtedly, less appealing.

To give an aesthetic appeal to the exterior of your residence, it’s time you fix this issue.

How about getting rid of the old weatherworn mailbox and getting a nicer one? Ensure you pick one that looks modern and is compact.

Want a budget-friendly idea? Paint your old mailbox. Choose a vibrant color, but if you want a vintage touch, it’s always good to select metallic or copper-colored paint.

Add trees and plants

Whether it is the fall season or spring blossom, planting trees in the front yard can add a welcoming appeal to your home. If you are unsure what trees or plants you want to get and would like to get an idea of what they would look like first then you can get Landscape rendering done first to give you a realistic idea of what the finished look will be.

However, unique and different trees can be an expensive investment which, if you want to avoid, opt for the affordable ones that you can find readily at nurseries.

As with grass, ensure to select native plants when boosting curb appeal. These plants require low maintenance since they are fit well in any area, minimizing the pruning burden.

You can even add pot plants to make your home look nicer. Try out new flowers according to each season. For example, light pink and white flowers look best for spring and summer and coordinate orange and yellows for fall.

Get rid of old mulch and look for alternatives

Mulch is genuinely a landscape gardener’s friend as it prevents erosion, shields plants, and the bare soil. Not only this, but mulch also aids in weed control and preserves the moisture content.

However, accumulating dead and old mulch in the garden bed isn’t beneficial because it deprives the landscape of freshness.

Rejuvenate the garden bed with a fresh and pleasant colored mulch that blends well with the combination of flowers and shrubbery. And if you wish to try something new as a substitute to mulch, then spruce up the landscape with pine needles, grass cripplings, or compost.

Final words

Revamping your home’s exterior, without a doubt, is an immensely satisfying experience. Not only does it intensify the curb appeal, but it also attracts buyers looking to make a good investment.

What’s more, the minor tweaks mentioned above don’t cost much and can help bring a sense of pleasure and happiness when you return home.

Whether you own a traditional property or a modern one, there are many options for you to explore w. You can start with minor touch-ups and gradually add more items to make your home’s exterior look amazing.

Another approach is to take advantage of 3D exterior rendering to facilitate the remodeling process. That way, you can visualize what you want and achieve the desired results.

The time you invest and the efforts you pour into these home exterior remodeling projects will most certainly prove worthwhile over the long haul. And if you ultimately plan to sell the property, you’ll get an excellent ROI and a price you won’t refuse.

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