Why Do Homeowners Need Parcel Drop Boxes? All You Need to Know

Have you ever wondered how the consumer solves all the issues of getting their deliveries dropped off safe at any time of day?

Well, a secure parcel drop box fixes all these issues. It’s also placed in a convenient place for delivery drivers to access it. Often, the box has secure access such that only the right people can open and close it.

The improved parcel boxes protect your deliverable items from extreme weather conditions. They will help keep things like groceries fresh for an extensive period. They’re also large enough to carry multiple packages.

It’s necessary to note that these parcel drop boxes have other names that still refer to the same item. So, you could hear people referring to them by any of the following terms:

  • Parcel Delivery Box
  • Parcel Lock Box
  • Lockable Parcel Box
  • Outside parcel Box
  • Lockbox for Packages
  • Package Lock Box
  • Porch Delivery Box

Why do homeowners need parcel drop boxes

Now, let’s find out below why do homeowners need parcel drop boxes.

For purposes of 24/7 convenient deliveries

Most people are now enjoying the benefits of a convenient and secure home parcel drop box. Once you select the correct parcel box, you can have it securely installed anywhere you want.

For instance, you can have it installed to your:

  • Porch
  • Path
  • Garden
  • Gatepost
  • Driveway

This makes it perfect for home deliveries, including when you aren’t at home. The home parcel box also works for you whenever you can’t get to the door on time.

It also favors you if you like contactless deliveries. In such cases, courier box online services will simply have your package dropped into the box. And, they guarantee that it’s safe until you collect it.

To keep off parcel theft

Did you know that 64% of package theft victims in America have had their parcels stolen at least twice? More so, 59% of the population receives parcel boxes weekly. And, for over a decade now, identity theft has become America’s most increasing form of crime.

Many Americans have tried different ways to stop parcel theft. Some have attempted to install doorbell cameras, while others have had their parcels sent to another place. But, most of these strategies don’t seem to minimize the risk.

Almost every day, there are news reports of stolen packages and stolen mail. A lockable parcel box ensures that you don’t become a victim of package theft.

This is the best way to protect your parcel without exposing your home to strangers. The lockable parcel delivery box can be placed by an entryway or on a front porch, where packages are often placed.

In this case, it has a keypad that enables the delivery people to open and lock packages safely inside. Additionally, the large parcel drop box is made to suit the heavy parcel delivery. They can enable you to keep your groceries fresh with insulation and preferable ice packs.

To maintain the freshness of your delivered groceries

Most people are now getting past the hassles of the old grocery shopping methods such as queuing. With the convenient post box online shopping, you can pick your everyday products on your distributor’s website. Afterward, you get to benefit from the reliable home delivery parcel.

Indeed, many people are turning to online foodstuff sales. The grocery sales via online platforms represent a tiny portion of the total retail market. But, they’re amongst the fastest growing segments.

This is when you get the selected items delivered right to your doorstep, hence saving time. Thankfully, most online suppliers like box delivery U.K offer same-day delivery options.

Statista highlights the online grocery shopping market statistics in the U.SU.S. It indicates that in 2020, the U.S.online foodstuff market generated sales worth about $95.8 billion. The sales are predicted to reach $187.7 billion by 2024.

To protect your goods from weather elements

No one wishes to come home to a socked-up parcel on their doorstep. Unfortunately, such scenarios happen, and what follows is an irritating and time-consuming return process.

During the cold and snowy winter seasons, most porches get hit by the weather. Naturally, the parcel boxes are also heavily hit.

The cold weather is known to damage things like electronics and clothes. Heavy winds may also blow away the smaller items. So, this implies that you must either stay at home during the parcel delivery or find a backup plan.

Statistics revealed the most common problems associated with parcel delivery in the U.K. in 2019. The major problem is where most people are forced to stay at home at inappropriate times to receive their parcels.

Usually, most delivery persons will try to put the packages in well-protected spaces, but it’s never enough. People still experience a lot of damage to the home delivery parcels. 

On the other hand, the hot summer weather can also spoil the groceries delivered in parcel boxes. This will happen mainly if the packages are left unattended for a long time.

Below are the ideal ways to protect your parcel deliveries from outside weather elements.

Using an outdoor parcel drop box

Ensure you buy an outdoor parcel box and place it on your doorstep. You then instruct couriers to drop in the parcels. This is a straightforward way to protect your online parcel deliveries from the rain. It’s even best when you have a lockable parcel box.

Buy a weatherproof mail dropbox.

When it comes to safeguarding your mails, you should find convenient storage like the royal mail safebox. The lockable secure box has the drop slot that lets in packages and other deliveries but not out.

This is necessary for protecting your mail deliveries from rain and snow. It also helps safeguard them from anyone who doesn’t have a key to the mail dropbox.

Sealing the vulnerable items

You can ensure that you sell items like books, paper, or any other parcel that’s vulnerable to water. Ensure you seal them individually in plastic bags inside the parcel box. Another option is shrink-wrapping the items.

Maintain your privacy from snooping neighbors

There are scenarios where your porch could be in close contact with the next house. The chances are that a visitor passing by, or even your neighbor, maybe curious to see what you’ve ordered.

Some may even be too curious to want to know how frequently you make those orders. If you love keeping your matters private, this may be a significant concern to you. You may desire a post box for the home, such as a wooden parcel box.

Final thoughts

When it comes to home parcel deliveries, everyone would want to enjoy safety and convenience. No one likes the constant headaches of worrying about their home parcel boxes when away from home. You also want to avoid staying at home to wait for the deliveries or have another way to get your home delivery parcel.

You’ll realize that the smart box delivery meets all your needs concerning present-day package delivery. Such include the lockable parcel box. The best thing is that they’re easy to use both for the owner and the delivery drivers.

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