What Millennials Want In A Home: A Home With More Space?

In recent years, Millennials now make up the largest demographic of home buyers, and as the housing market gets flooded by this generation, real estate agents are left with no choice but to satisfy the current needs of the populace in the housing market. This leads to the question most real estate agents ask themselves: What do millennials look for in a home?

Without mincing words, it would be right to say that the way millennials do things is quite different from their parents. As a matter of fact, in some cases, they reason differently. As the world grows and advances rapidly in all ramifications, some of the age-long traditions and patterns are gradually fading off and being replaced by new techs and ideas. As a result, millennials desire modern elements and facilities that older generations didn’t.

When shopping for homes, millennials’ look-out is quite different from previous generations; as such, the housing market must pay attention to their needs since they have taken over the largest share of home buyers. You can get the best and most affordable home with the help of a real estate agent Campbelltown.

What millennials want in a home

Great location

Location is a significant factor when choosing a home. And some things like suitable locations remain unchanged across generations. According to research, millennials prefer to live close to work and the things they do. It is one of the most significant factors to be considered when choosing a home.

Outdoor, and multi-functional spaces

A big catch for millennials is the availability of outdoor spaces for relaxing. Who wouldn’t want to chill out in the yard or have some beautiful flowers to look at in the garden? When you look forward to getting attention from millennial buyers, make provision for outdoor spaces. You could include extras like vegetable gardens, decks, and fences to increase your chances further.

There should be sufficient space for an outdoor gathering or just for relaxing. Marking out strategic places is also very important. The space doesn’t have to be in the backyard. Just make sure it’s a place that offers maximum comfort.

Big kitchen

A top priority on the list of millennial home buyers is kitchens. Millennial homebuyers prefer open floor plans where the living areas, dining, and kitchen are interconnected. You’d have a good selling point if you could set up a large kitchen and open floor plan, with a kitchen island and informal seating.

Modern amenities

For some, space might not be big a concern as having your home well furnished with modern amenities. With the latest evolutions in all spheres, Millenials want high-functioning modern amenities. 

Millennials would be interested in hardwood floors, garage storage, dishwashers, washers and dryers, laundry rooms, and space to exercise. High-tech amenities like home automation with features like heating and cooling, lights, automated security, etc., would pique the interest of millennial buyers because people want to be able to interact with their homes as with their phones.

Energy efficiency

As much as millennials look to swing homes with up-to-date, high-level technology, they are also after the most efficient homes to help them save cost. Your home’s overall energy consumption level is a factor to consider as it will not only make your offer appealing but help millennials save money also.

Low maintenance

Moving forward, millennials want ease and convenience in all aspects. Things have to be quick and easy to fix, efficient and long-lasting. For instance, you should consider scrapping out carpeting for hardwood floors because carpeting stains easily and requires regular vacuuming.


The evolution is now dawning on the housing sector; as such real estate agents and homeowners must learn to adapt to the new system.     

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