5 Ways To Increase Your Home Security

In today’s world, you may have noticed that criminal activities such as robberies are rapidly increasing. What’s even more threatening is that criminals have improved their methods of invasion and theft over the years.

Many people think they’re safe in their homes; however, considering the highly sophisticated tools and techniques used by criminals, it’s pretty easy to break into a home. So, instead of thinking you’re safe in your house, it’s crucial to take immediate security measures, protecting yourself and your loved ones. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

While criminals may be adopting advanced strategies and sophisticated equipment, security techniques and tools have also come a long way. Modern security systems, such as motion sensors and smart locks, coupled with clever security strategies can help you counter criminal activity with ease.

Ways to increase your home security

So, here are some practical ways to increase your home security and keep your home safe and sound.

Secure doors

When it comes to home security, doors are usually the first line of defense, making it essential to reinforce them. A simple lock picking set can allow an individual to learn how to open almost every kind of lock.

However, you can secure your doors with modern smart locks. Even if it’s possible to break these locks, you will be immediately alerted about any unauthorized access. Furthermore, you can also open and lock these smart locks from your smartphone, allowing you to protect your home regardless of your location.

Electric gates are now a necessity if you’re in London, where street crime and theft have increased in the last decade, and installing an electric gate can prevent criminals from breaking into your house. If you’re in Leeds and want to install electric gates for your home, type in electric gates Leeds on Google to find the right gate for you.

Additionally, installing heavy-duty doors is crucial to prevent criminals from invading your house by breaking the door itself. This gives criminals a significant advantage while putting your home at risk.

Install a surveillance system

Criminals like to attack when no one’s watching. However, if you install an effective surveillance system around your house, criminals will think twice before trying to invade. With the help of CCTV cameras, you can watch your home 24/7 for any unwanted activity and take immediate action.

For an effective surveillance system, you need to install CCTV cameras in critical areas, such as the main gate and back doors. However, it’s essential to consider a few things when installing a CCTV camera network.

The quality of the camera footage matters most, and it’s essential to get high-quality cameras; otherwise, the face of the criminals won’t be identifiable, making the cameras useless. Furthermore, you should make sure to install lights around the CCTV cameras to record clear footage even at night.

You can also get Wi-Fi-enabled CCTV cameras to keep an eye on your home regardless of your location. However, if you can’t afford such cameras, you can ask your neighbors to watch your house while you’re away.

 Another thing to consider is a weatherproof casing for outdoor cameras. You don’t want expensive security equipment to stop functioning simply due to weather changes.

Set up an alarm system

Security alarm systems are a great way to scare away criminals from invading your home. Even if robbers or burglars spot such an alarm system outside your home, they will most likely change their minds.

An alarm system alerts you at the time of unwanted activity, allowing you to take immediate action. Some alarm systems may even call the police automatically for you, and research states that 60% of burglars move to the next house if they see an alarm.

For these alarm systems to work, you’ll need to install sensors. Sensors such as motion sensors will signal the alarm in case of any unwanted motion around your house. You can also install sound sensors that can identify sounds of criminals trying to break into a home.

It’s better if you use Wi-Fi-enabled alarm systems that can send you notifications on your smartphone even if you’re not at home. For this purpose, you can install plastic boxes with speakers into your house walls or use flashing lights to act as fake motion sensors. Furthermore, you can also install artificial alarm systems only to deceive criminals and scare them away.

Get a guard dog

Criminals avoid homes that are difficult to break in. Former burglars claimed that dogs and CCTV cameras are some of the best ways to keep criminals away. This is no surprise, as dogs love their owners and their homes.

Dogs will go to great lengths to protect the home of their owners, efficiently alerting you through barking in case of a robbery. Furthermore, dogs can also attack criminals if they break into your house. So, if you want a failsafe security system for your home, make sure to get a guard dog or train your dog to be one.

However, if you already have a guard dog to protect your home, you need to make people aware of it. You can also place “Beware of dog” signs around your house to make others aware of your dog.

Hide valuables

To improve your home security effectively, you need to make it as difficult as possible for criminals to break in. One way of doing that is by making the fences taller for more privacy. For this purpose, hiding valuable items such as jewelry and expensive devices is essential. Otherwise, it will be pretty easy for robbers to steal your valuables.

More importantly, you need to hide your items in unexpected places. If you hide your valuables in drawers or under beds, robbers will easily find them as these places are familiar. So, think like a robber and find the most unexpected place to conceal valuable items.

Furthermore, you can also get a safe to protect hidden belongings. A safe will protect your belongings even if a robber finds them. However, you’ll need to get a heavy-duty safe that is fire resistant and heavy so that robbers don’t take it with them.


Undoubtedly, criminal activities are on the rise, putting homes at significant risk. Robbers and burglars see homes as the perfect opportunity to make money, as many people own expensive items. However, if you improve your home’s security with the ways mentioned above, criminals will think twice before trying to enter your house.

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