6 Six Innovative Ways To Make Your Homes More Instagrammable

The interior design industry has experienced a boom over the past few decades. Nowadays, people not only want their homes or living space to be just comfortable; they want them to be aesthetically pleasing as well. A visually appealing area is an excellent way to impress your guests, significantly impact your mood, and elevate your experience.

From choosing the most suitable fabrics to selecting the color schemes, a great deal of thought is involved in creating the perfect space. You might opt for a laid-back and comfy interior for the bedroom, whereas your living room may require a more formal look.

With the recent pandemic outbreak and most people working from home, there is an increased emphasis on redecoration and renovation. It is further amplified by the growing demand of making homes ‘Instagram-worthy.’

Ways to make your homes more instagrammable

Read on to learn the innovative ways to make your homes more instagrammable.

Create a story

How to create a story for your house? Select a theme that reflects your personality and style. It assists in conveying the idea or the message you want your home to represent. If you are artistic and prefer vibrant or eccentric designs, a Bohemian theme with varied textures and colors might be more suited to your tastes.

Each room may require you to opt for an individual design or décor depending on the functionality or select a common theme for every room. On the other hand, if you like order and perfection, a Contemporary style with subtle shades and a clean layout may be more appropriate for you.

If you are unsure about choosing the perfect layout and design, click here for an informed opinion and explore the services of professional remodelers.

Choosing your color palette

When it comes to home décor, selecting a suitable color scheme is essential. Warmer shades like orange and yellow may uplift a plain space, while cooler shades like blue and green may create a calming effect. Each color represents a different set of emotions and may positively or negatively affect your mood and attitude.

Colors may also create an illusion of more space when used smartly; for example, painting the walls or ceilings a lighter tone like off-white may make the room appear larger. In a recent article, Nicole Gibbons, the CEO of Clare Paints, emphasizes three distinct concepts when choosing colors.

The first approach is selecting colors with the same temperature, like beige and brown, followed by monochrome style with one dominant color and complementary shades like bright orange and royal blue.

Make an accent wall

Creating an accent wall is a great way to make any area pop up without redecorating the whole room. It would not only look great as a style statement for your home but would also be cost-effective and less time-consuming.

When selecting a wall for a feature, choose to highlight the one with a focal spot, for example, the wall behind your bed, instead of picking one randomly. Adding a touch of bright colors like fuchsia or lime green to an accent wall can liven up the area without making it overwhelming.

Similarly, adding a mural to a wall in your living or dining space is another creative idea. It would help create more depth aesthetically and make the room more visually attractive.

Light it up

The key to taking quality photographs for your Instagram is proper lighting. When it comes to a house, access to natural light can make a massive difference. Inserting a broader set of windows can make the area look more spacious and lively.

Moreover, adding appropriate indoor lighting to dark spots may provide your rooms the much-needed dimension and character. Consider placing a string or two of fairy lights in your favorite area to add a little magical touch to your Instagram.

A well-lit room creates a more comfortable and inviting vibe, while a poorly-lit area may dampen the mood and cause eye strain. Sarb Johal, an associate professor, and clinical psychologist indicated living in a dark house constantly makes us more tired and less alert.

Add in accessories

Give your rooms a pop of color with the help of home accessories. They are an incredible way of making your rooms more captivating and unique. You can choose from an extensive range of eye-pleasing accessories such as photo frames or paintings to slightly more functional ones such as quirky cushions or vases.

Making space for family heirlooms or pictures helps in adding personality to your home. Before browsing for new accessories, consider looking up old items that might be a perfect fit. Looking at the overall image created before purchasing an accessory is recommended rather than the style and design of the item itself.

Explore for inspiration

Before redecorating or renovating your house, it is advisable to research and shortlist styles that you can relate to or those that appeal to you the most. Remember, we aim to create a beautiful space that provides utility and comfort while pleasing the eye.

Therefore, some décor ideas may seem captivating at first glance but maybe too fancy or impractical for everyday living. Thus before finalizing the layout or style for redecoration, you need to consider whether it would be suitable for your specific rooms.

Pinterest is a platform where you can look up hundreds of different interior designs or concepts. It even allows you to create your virtual boards to save the images you like the best.


The majority of people want their homes to be stylish and up to mark aesthetically. In today’s era of social media, the younger generation is particularly keen to highlight aspects of their personal life. Therefore, everything needs to be worth putting up on Instagram, be it clothing, makeup, food, or even homes.

Lighting plays a crucial role when it comes to adding dimension and depth to a room. Choosing the right palette or combination of colors makes the space more vibrant and adds more character. One factor to never forget when redecorating your home is adding home accessories like a trendy table cloth or artificial flowers and plants to accentuate the rooms.

Thus making your houses and living space visually pleasing, especially for the camera, requires attention to detail and research.

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