Elegant Garden Design Ideas For Your Outdoor Space

“Life begins the day you start a garden.” – Chinese proverb

If you are one of the lucky ones who have an outdoor area in their homes, whether it’s a big backyard, a small garden, or a cute little patio, there are many ways to turn it into your own little pieces of heaven. Small things like plants, pots, outdoor furniture and light fixtures, and bigger things like pools or spas and outdoor kitchens, can all give you the incentive to spend every moment you can outdoors.

Elegant Garden Design Ideas

Nothing can make a garden more elegant than adding pieces of art and art-like decorations to create breath-taking compositions and focal points, right outside your doorstep.

All kinds of garden ornaments to choose from

“My garden is my most beautiful masterpiece.” – Claude Monet

Ornaments come in a wide variety of options, and they offer one of the best and simplest ways to accessorise your garden in a sophisticated way. Carefully choosing an outdoor ornament, whether it’s a birdbath, a stone bench, and table, a sundial, a fountain, etc., can give your garden a timeless beauty, to match your home design and your personality.

One of the most important things, when you are choosing such decoration for your garden, is to create a balance between nature and the item. So, when you buy an outdoor garden ornament, make sure that both shine in all their glory, and don’t cover each other up. Choose one or more ornaments according to the available room and limitations of your space – think about proportions, openness, avoid overcrowding and clutter, etc.

One of the most popular choices, birdbaths come in stunning designs in different styles, from classic to contemporary. These ornaments will not only make your outdoor area art-like but also invite birds, allowing nature to overflow in your garden even more. Another favourite amongst homeowners, stone benches, can be a great addition to any garden, not only improving the garden’s design but also offering you a place to relax or to spend time with your friends and family. Let’s discuss the other available options in more detail. 

Garden statues

“A garden without a statue is like a sentence without its verb.” – Joseph Beach

Mixing nature’s artistic creations with man-made art is a great way to ennoble your garden. Like outdoor garden ornaments, garden statues can create eye-catching compositions in your own little piece of heaven, and they offer one of the easiest ways to bring elegance into your garden.

You can use them to create focal points in your garden to give it the perfect symmetry or achieve any effect you like. You can combine them with the other garden ornaments, strategically placing them in a way that will give your outdoor area a sense of balance, always taking the plants and trees into account. If you have enough space in your garden to add statues and lawn ornaments, be especially cautious to not overwhelm the place, by placing them too close to each other in a way that makes them look odd and out of place.

Furthermore, when you are decorating your garden, don’t forget about consistency. Statues and ornaments need to match the style of your home design, as well as the design of the garden itself. Similarly, when you place more than one such decorative element that will attract the attention of the visitor, always choose designs that complement each other.

Fire pits

Another way to elevate the style of your garden and add sophistication and luxury to your entertainment area is to install a fire pit. Depending on the style of your garden, its size, as well as the overall climate in your area, you can choose from many different fire pit options to find the right one.

What’s more, some fire pits are almost art-like, which can make them a great decorative element for a focal point in smaller gardens, or in bigger gardens with visually defined and separated areas.

Garden furniture

Garden furniture is another essential part of every home with an outdoor area, which will not only give the area a purpose but will also give you another opportunity for decorating and showing off your style. When you are choosing furniture for an elegant garden with outdoor ornaments, make sure that everything matches. For instance, contemporary furniture may look out of place combined with a classic-looking birdbath or a statue with a classical design. Furthermore, when you choose any of these elements, don’t forget to think about the colours and the materials.

Final thoughts

Beauty, art, nature, and fresh air in combination are an ideal health boost for anyone. It has been proven that spending time outside and looking at nature has a positive impact on our mental health. And looking at art we like and appreciate, has similar effects. So, both art and nature can calm us, relax us and lower our stress levels. Stress has become one of the biggest health hazards for mankind, and being such a big part of our everyday lives nowadays, anything that can help us lower it or avoid it completely is welcomed.

Gardening, touching soil, tending plants, watering, decorating, designing, all come with many health benefits. So, whatever you decide to do with your outdoor area and however you decide to decorate it, don’t miss the chance to add art to the garden at least a little bit. If you like the sound of water, invest in a fountain or a birdbath; if you like the classical style, place a beautiful statue in the center of your garden; if you like spending time with your friends or family gathered around talking, playing games, eating…, install a fire pit.

Enrich your garden with whatever gives you peace and you find it beautiful. And regardless of the size of your garden, there are many things that can give you the luxury and elegance you want and deserve.

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