5 Ways Of Making Your Home Look Posher – Without a Royal Budget

Every homeowner has a never-ending mission to spruce up their home and keep it looking stunning, trendy, and gorgeous. You’re probably well aware that your surroundings affect your mood profoundly. Being in a space you aesthetically connect with can make you feel much happier, productive, and satisfied, and there’s no place this rule applies to more than your home.

A home remodeling project seems understandably like a hefty investment, and it can be challenging for anyone. Living in a posh, elegantly designed space can do wonders for you mentally, and you can wow anyone visiting too. However, many homeowners feel they can’t get the home of their dreams due to financial constraints.

Ways of making your home look posher

However, there are various ways you can upgrade your home and make it look posh and sophisticated without spending a fortune. If you’re looking for ways to spruce up your home without breaking the bank, keep reading.

Get a patio makeover

Making your home appear posher doesn’t just have to do with the interior. Instead, it is an overall process where you need to revamp your outdoors just as much as the indoors. Having an unkempt, uncared-for outdoor area can make any home appear worn-out and ugly. Courtyards or patios have historically been vital in-home architecture and have been valued as a place where you can reconnect with nature. Luckily, getting a patio makeover is not that costly an investment, and it comes with significant benefits.

A well-designed patio can add immense functionality to your home. If you live in rainy, serene Cumming, Georgia, you’ll appreciate having a well-designed patio all year round.

A professional patio makeover can allow you to add new lighting, landscaping, pergolas, and fencing to create a cozy, stunning outdoor oasis. So if you’re anywhere in Georgia, search for backyard patio designer cumming ga on Google to find great ideas on how to build a pool, add an outdoor bar, and make the home of your dreams.

If there’s ever been a sure-fire way of making your home seem posher, it’s this.

Focus on your lighting concept

Too many people overlook the importance of lighting to ensure your home exudes elegance and sophistication. Proper lighting can make even scarcely decorated rooms look expensive and elegant by adding immense depth to your space.

On the other hand, harsh, blinding lights or super dim, dull lighting can make your area seem institutional or gloomy, respectively. There’s a lot to consider when adding lighting, and the best option is to create a layered lighting concept.

Layered lighting can mean adding various warm-toned lighting solutions throughout the room for a diffused, warm, sophisticated effect. An excellent way of updating your lighting is switching all your bright, white, cool-toned lights for warmer ones.

Furthermore, switching around your lampshades can also help diffuse the light for a chic effect. Placing lovely candles around the home can also make your home look incredibly refined and cozy at a meager cost. Strategically placed lighting can also allow you to highlight your home’s best points while covering up the flaws.

Work with textiles

Adding various textures in the home is an excellent, cost-effective method to make your home seem posher. The best way to add texture to any space is with textiles. Adding various, differently textured throw pillows is one of the best ways to dress up any room. However, you don’t have to spend a fortune on throw pillows.

Instead, you can exercise some of your creativity and make some of your own. Throw pillows are pretty simple to sew, and you can create stunning covers from a range of fabrics. Furthermore, you can easily find cheap feather stuffing or even use leftover scraps to fill them.

Apart from throw pillows, there are several other ways to add texture to your home. An incredibly modern, unconventional method is by framing textiles with bright, eye-catching prints. You can design the pieces yourself by hand painting cloth or embroidering it, or you can frame any bright material you already have.

Furthermore, you can complete the look by draping a luxurious throw over your sofas.

Add a large rug

Adding a large rug is easily one of the best ways of making any space appear more elegant and refined. However, many often shy away from this option as we believe that rugs are super expensive. While there are certainly some costly handmade exotic rugs on the market, many cheaper options are available.

Handmade rugs are typically much more costly due to the sheer amount of work that perfects the designs. Machine-made rugs, however, offer a similar effect at a fraction of the cost.

A stunning rug can easily be the centerpiece of any room, and it can tie in everything. However, when picking out a carpet, you must opt for a larger size than a smaller one. Smaller rugs can make your rooms appear much smaller too, and you’ll need to invest in many to have a posh effect and a complete look.

In contrast, more oversized rugs can make your room appear much airier and can give a luxe, refined product.

Scour thrift stores

You’ll be surprised at the excellent pieces you can find at thrift stores that can make any room seem infinitely posher and elegant. Thrift stores have stunning, vintage pieces that can give your home a more historic, cultured look at a meager cost. You can find everything, ranging from décor pieces to lighting solutions and furniture if you go over to your local thrift stores.

Furthermore, you can also find some gorgeous art pieces in thrift stores, which would cost you hundreds of dollars at any other location. You can customize these pieces any way you like by adding new frames that go well with your rooms.

Some of the articles you’ll find can be incredibly timeless, and each piece has an added charisma and individuality. The unique items you find in thrift stores can give your home an air of exclusivity that you won’t get even if you shop from the best catalogs.


When you’re on a tight budget, it can seem challenging to actualize your dreams of the perfect home. However, if you have the right plan and know where to look, you can make your dreams a reality in no time. These few tips can help you upgrade your home and make it look incredibly posh at a fraction of the cost. They can help you create a seamless, stunning aesthetic that enchants all your visitors.

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