How To Arrange Furniture For A Small Living Room

Having a small living room can be challenging as you are tight on space however, it can be even more demanding when you are trying to squeeze in furniture that appears to be too large for the room. It is especially important to check dimensions when planning your small-scale living room as sizable furniture being squeezed into a tight space can be stressful. Your layout strategy can quite often trick the eye by making the space look a lot bigger than it is. Here, we will lay out some tricks and tips on how to arrange furniture for a small living room.

Incorporate mirrors 

Mirrors can enhance space and the reflections create the illusion of a larger room, however, if you are deciding to incorporate a few mirrors, these need to be placed tactically, otherwise, objects and furniture will reflect against one another, and the space will look jumbled and disarranged. Try to incorporate a long full-length mirror vertically against the wall or even above the sofa against the wall horizontally, this will be sure to create the illusion of greater space. If you want to go all out, opt for a mirror feature wall that covers one whole wall of the room however, if you choose to do this, make sure that no other mirrors are included in this space so that the effect is not ruined. 

Wall mount your TV

The easiest way to utilise space in your small living room is to ditch the TV unit. TV units are becoming more outdated and also take up floor space unnecessarily, the shelves on your TV also normally remain empty so this means that this obstruction serves very little purpose. For a sleeker and more polished look, mount your TV onto your wall. This can be a difficult process and may usually require extra assistance. For TV wall mounting services, click here

Compact sofa 

A smaller, corner-shaped sofa is the perfect piece of furniture for a small living room. Quite often, in a smaller living room, it can be difficult to incorporate two sofas without the look of it being crammed. You can still purchase a relatively large sofa, with an adequate amount of seating space in a corner sofa design; try to dress this up with a few throw cushions for a more homely feel. 

Use wall space wisely

As we have already advised mounting the TV onto your wall, we would also advise using your wall space sensibly, for example, adding in shelving, canvases, and picture frames. If you intend on incorporating floor units or sideboards into your living space, but are worried about the space, try to alternatively switch this to the wall space. Shelves can be used for displaying books, plants, vases, or ornaments that you may usually place on sideboards however, this floor space can be utilised by moving items to the wall. Don’t panic, this will still be accessorizing the room!


Lighting can sometimes tend to be quite bulky especially floor lighting. We would advise navigating your lighting plans towards the walls rather than the floor. Wall lamps, however, do not specifically need to be gripped to the wall and they can hang outwards above a sofa or other furniture for a small living room so that the light is illuminated throughout the space. Other than this, thin, compact wall lamps can be used in the corner of the room or diming downlights can be installed to the ceiling.

Add greenery

Although your space may be small, greenery can add a bright and energising feel to the room, perhaps giving the room a more open and substantial feel. Plants also create a sense of cleanliness to the room through their refreshing colour, and they do not need to come in a large form so will be perfect for your small space. Include either real or artificial plants on a shelf, coffee table, or perhaps a tall plant in the corner of the room for some decor.

Bright wall colours 

Finally, although it does not categorise as furniture for a small living room, lighter wall colours can widen and brighten up the space. It is a well-known fact that lighter colours make the room look larger, so try opting for white, beige, and light greys, etc. An illusion is created that the walls look further back than they actually are, therefore intensifying the room space. 

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