Ways To Deal With Unwanted Home Appliances And Equipment

Sooner or later, you’re going to have to get rid of some of your old and unwanted appliances and equipment at home and replace them with new ones. It may be because you’re having a major renovation, you’re moving to a new place or you bought a new one, or simply because these appliances stopped functioning. As such, it’s common for some homeowners to feel excited and thrilled about the thought of bringing new appliances home.  

Some of you would most likely spend a lot of time deciding which features your new appliances should have. But one crucial question you mustn’t miss asking is, ‘What should I do with the old ones?’ After updating your appliances, disposing of your old, unwanted appliances responsibly should be your next priority. 

Many household appliances consist of toxic and hazardous components which could be poisonous when disposed of irresponsibly. Moreover, these appliances are also built mostly with metals, which you could put to better use instead of simply throwing them in landfills. As shown on Dirt Cheap Rubbish Removal’s site, you could hire waste disposal companies to properly dispose of your old appliances on your behalf. 

Ways To Deal With Unwanted Home Appliances And Equipment

With that in mind, here are five efficient ways to deal with your unwanted home appliances and equipment without risking the environment:

Hire a rubbish removal company to remove them

One of the simplest and fastest ways to deal with your old and unwanted appliances is by hiring a rubbish removal company. You’ll only need to schedule an appointment once you’d need them to pick up your appliances. Moreover, make sure you also provide them with vivid descriptions of the appliances you wish to be removed. The rubbish removal company will give you an approximate estimate based on your appliances’ size, weight, and model.

You need not worry about these companies since one of their goals is to recycle as much waste as they can, leaving the landfill as their very last option. What’s more, some rubbish removal companies are also available on weekends, holidays, and in the evening, making it easier for you to get rid of your unwanted appliances any time you wish.

Sell them

If those unwanted equipment and appliances are still functional and serviceable, why not try to make a quick buck off them? There are several ways you can sell your old appliances. You can either list them on sale at local newspapers, online marketplaces, retail stores, or on social media. You could also look into a yard or garage sale and let your customers have a closer and more personal look at your appliances.

Selling your old appliances is a great option to earn a little money for stuff you no longer need, especially if you’re decluttering your home. Furthermore, selling your unwanted appliances can also save you the hassle of transporting them to stores. Your buying customers will be the ones who’ll drive to your place to pick up their items.

Pay the appliance store to take them

Perhaps you’re not aware that some appliance stores can actually buy your old appliances or equipment from you. However, that’s only possible if you’re buying new appliances or equipment from them. So if you buy a new washing machine, fridge, or dryers, make sure to ask the appliance store if they offer removal services.

Some stores may offer free removal, while others may charge you a nominal fee. This may not always be cheap, but at least you can quickly deal with your old appliances.

Scrap and sell them

If your old appliances don’t function anymore, you can still sell them to junk shops that would strip them for parts. If you’re a tinkerer, you can salvage some parts and sell them individually. Some shops to whom you could sell these parts include local repair shops, scrap metal, or even individual buyers who wish to purchase scraps for other projects.

Donate them to charity

Don’t bust down your old appliances yet if they’re still fully functional. If you find it a hassle to sell them online or in your yard sale, you could consider donating them. However, not all charities accept equipment and appliances as donations. Thus, it’d be best if you go to specific organizations.

For instance, you could donate your old fridge, toasters, kettles, or washing machines to homeless shelters and support agencies that focus on families who need help and assistance in restarting their lives. For older computers and musical instruments, you can donate them to local underdeveloped school programs, as they can use these items to aid in their students’ learning.

If you have food processors, microwaves, blenders, or mixers you don’t use, you could donate them to homeless shelters or soup kitchens. Not only would you be unloading your home of appliances you don’t use, but you’d also be helping other people help those in need.


Turns out that getting rid of your unused or unwanted appliances and equipment isn’t as difficult as it sounds. Instead of dumping them to the nearest landfill, you have the option to either sell them, donate, or have them safely picked up by rubbish removal companies. Whatever route you wish to take to discarding them, make sure you choose the most responsible way.

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