10 Essential Cloud Kitchen Equipments

Cloud kitchens are known as delivery-only restaurants, ghost kitchens, dark kitchens, or virtual restaurants. They only operate in the background and offer no sitting area for their customers. This way the restaurants save more on the front-end costs. However, if you do not have the right equipment in the kitchen it might cost you a lot to handle the business.

You must be prepared to cook by order and make sure you have the right equipment for the dishes. To prepare meals faster you need to wash the dishes and utensils and keep them clean because it’s important to serve healthy and safe food to customers. For this get an under-counter commercial dishwasher. This will help you get clean dishes and utensils at a fast pace and you can prepare the food without making the counter dirty with bowls and plates.

Essential cloud kitchen equipment

Let’s find out the ten essential cloud kitchen equipment for your cloud kitchen.

Exhaust hood

A kitchen is a place where you have to work with fire and cooking gas, and here fire outbreak is no foreign thing. Also, when you are a ghost restaurant, you have to follow up the orders and send them quickly, so you will stay busy and not look at the exhaust system while working. An exhaust hood will help to pass the air through the vents and it will make sure that the kitchen atmosphere stays steam and heat-free.

Kitchen counters

You need a preparation area, where you cut the ingredients, make doughs, and do other things. For this a stainless steel counter is useful. A steel counter is strong and will not catch rust or bacteria. You can easily cut veggies and meat there and you just have to swipe the counter with a dry or damp cloth to clean it. Most commercial kitchens have this type of counter.

Commercial freezers and refrigerators

Cloud kitchen business is impossible without a commercial freezer and refrigerator. Even though you have the kitchen in your home, your regular refrigerator will not be able to take the load of the ingredients. So to make your task easy, it’s important to invest in a commercial freezer and refrigerator. This will make your task easy and you can store many things in the appliances for a long time.

Cooking range

Before you install the stoves make sure it’s gas-based. These are easier to handle than the oil ones. You can handle the stoves easily and set the temperature as required. You can also opt for an electric cooking range.


Based on the requirement in the kitchen you can install combination ovens. Although these are expensive than the standard ones. But they are useful as you can get fast cooking and it will help in the cloud kitchen.

Commercial fryer

This gas fryer is the cheaper option, but you can also use electrical equipment. Electric fryer is easy to install and it will provide faster service. You can purchase different types of fryers based on the requirement, just check the models and understand the differences between various types.


Sinks are essential in a cloud kitchen. These provide food safety and cleanliness in the place. You can install a double, triple, or single sink station. It will help in the cleaning and make sure it’s within the reach.

Fire suppression system

This system comes in various sizes. It can be installed in the exhaust hood too. Before buying the sanitation, safety and equipment check the local fire department guidelines to avoid any risk.


Kitchen racks and shelves are available in different materials and sizes. You can choose the one based on your requirements. You can install mobile shelves so that they can be moved from one place to another. It will keep the walls clean and other surfaces sanitized.

Cutting surfaces

The stainless steel surface is hard but cutting, slicing, and chopping needs a wood base. You can go for plastic boards too. Wood and plastic will keep the sharpness of the knives and these are easy to maintain. Also, using a different surface for cutting and chopping will not erode the steel surface and it will be easy to clean the counter after the task is over.

Final words

Take a look at these above-mentioned cloud kitchen equipment, and you will find the ideas to buy the essential stuff you need in your delivery-only service.

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