What To Know About Home Theatre Design

Movie nights are one of the best ways to enjoy a warm Australian summer evening. However, how can you fit all your guests on a tiny sofa in the living room? This space problem is a reason why several Australian homes have decided to install home theatre systems. These rooms are the newest luxury for homeowners, and they make guest parties more enjoyable.

Home theatres need proper maintenance; that’s why you must understand how to design your room and keep it in good shape. This informative article will teach you how to manage your home theatre.

Benefits of having a home theatre

The movie industry is facing several changes with booming streaming services. People can enjoy their favorite series and movies anytime they want for a more affordable price. However, some people still look for a movie theatre experience. Replicating the structure at home can help you meet all your desires.

Home theatres are safer

Several thefts and accidents happen in public theatres, so keeping your loved ones at home can ensure your safety from these threats. You will also have protection from the viruses and illnesses around.


You don’t need to go through the hassle of getting ready, traveling, and meeting the screening time. You can watch movies and series anytime you want, and you don’t need to change out of your pajamas.

You can also use the bathroom freely without worrying about bothering other people. You can even pause the show while you’re doing other errands!

Home theatres are more affordable

You don’t have to spend on movie tickets or overpriced popcorn with a home theatre. Just wait for the movie to be available, and munch on your favorite snacks while you’re watching it at home.

You won’t get distracted

One of the disadvantages of going to a public theater is the noise from other movie-goers. You can avoid rowdy teenagers, crying babies, and people sharing spoilers when they watch movies from their home theatre.

No worries about tickets selling out

You don’t need tickets to watch movies from your home theatre. Just have your streaming service ready and sit down; no more worries about tickets running out.

You will impress your loved ones

Your house will become your friends’ top hang-out spot. You can entertain them while impressing them in your room. You can even hold parties in your home theatre.

Top home theatre layout ideas

You must plan your home theatre design carefully to ensure a high-quality cinema experience. Here are some popular layout samples for your room.

  • Two rows with an aisle
  • Two rows with a bar behind the chairs
  • One row with a bar behind it
  • A curved chair row
  • Elevated curved rows
  • Scattered seating
  • Sofa beds by the screen
  • U-shaped couch and seating
  • U-shape using a long couch and individual seats on each side
  • Recliner set or bean bags
  • Hanging chairs or a couch with a swing
  • Individual chairs in stadium seating

The layouts like scattered seating and U-shaped work well for smaller homes. Study your room’s length before you finalize the seating placement.

Essential tips when designing a home theatre system

Are you ready to start building your home theatre? You must follow some tips for designing the room before you start with construction.

Choose an appropriate location

The room you select depends on your desired home theatre size. You can convert an extra bedroom or make a partition in an existing room. You can also choose the basement, garage, or even have a new room constructed depending on your preference.

Use proper acoustics

Soundproof your home so no outside noise will disturb your movie nights, and your sound system won’t disturb the people outside. Invest in high-quality speakers so you will have surround sound. Try to get between 5.1 to 9.1 sound systems.

Choose a good-quality screen

The screen depends on the size of your theatre room; it can affect your overall movie experience. You may want a large TV or a projector with a screen. Choose 4K Ultra HD televisions to give you crisp video quality.

Design the room based on your style

Choose decor that reflects your style and complements the layout in the room. Do you prefer a classic style or retro? Select comfortable furniture pieces and appropriate accessories.

What home designs suit a theatre?

Residential Building WA has several home designs that suit a home theatre. We offer single, double, or rear strata homes that are spacious and have available space for constructing theatres.

Home theatres are best on the ground floor. Our rear strata home designs have a space to install this room, so the noise doesn’t disturb people outside.


Home theatres are the newest luxury investment people want for their homes. These structures make watching movies more convenient, budget-friendly, and comfortable. Our team at Residential Building WA understands the necessity of home theatres, so we have homes specifically designed for these structures. You can enjoy spending time with all your loved ones at home!

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