How To Find The Right Rental Property?

Finding a rental property has similar challenges to buying a new home, if not equal. However, times have changed, and things have comparatively become easier. An internet search can present the entire list of rental properties available to you. If you are planning to shift to Canberra, the Australian Capital, there are plenty of options. The properties for rent in Canberra stretch from Barton, Batehaven, Batemans Bay, and Bonython, and the list continues.

However, it takes ample research and hard work to make the right choice.

How to get started?

Begin with narrowing down your choices and cut down to two-three suburbs. On the inspection day, pick out rentals close by and not miles apart. It will save the time of rental inspections.

The best way to address this is to connect with a skilled real estate agent in the area. They have all the listings and will be better able to guide you through the entire process. Having an agent on the side also helps with the paperwork.

Few questions to be addressed

You need to assess if the space fits your needs. Everyone has specific requirements ranging from a spacious study, a large kitchen, or a dining area. A walk at the rental site is good enough to understand if the space accommodates the requirements or not.

Others residing in the locality are crucial in deciding a place’s quality. Observe things like is there adequate privacy or is the area noisy? Barton for instance is a lakeside suburb and will be preferred by those who love nature. Depending on individual preferences, small children and pets in the area may or may not be appreciated by people.

A good inspection is a must to check if everything is working. Do not miss anything, starting from the light switches, power points, toilets, showers, and even washing machine.

Space is a crucial concern when it comes to property renting. One must not only look to keep the everyday items but also seasonal belongings and more comprehensive tools. Consider the spacious elements during both online and offline searches.

The rent is a predominant factor in determining its worth. The cost of a three-bedroom property in Canberra increased to $615 per week in December 2021.

Must-haves in a rental property

The properties in Canberra have offerings that come down entirely to an individual choice. However, some features must never be overlooked. Security, parking, hygiene, and the property’s age are some of the most crucial factors. Every individual will look for a home that is safe to stay in.

Avoid anything dirty, ranging from stained walls to dirty or extremely old amenities. A dirty rental is a big no, and you will be blamed for the damage in the long run. Look for secured parking, alarm systems, and electronic security for security purposes.

Parking is essential because no one wants to steer the wheel around after a long hectic day. Determine the parking options beforehand and have an allotted space before closing the deal. Have complete information about the place before making the final decision. Concentrate on the kitchen and bathroom renovations and the property’s age.


Finding a house is exciting, be it for rental or purchase. Belconnen and Woden are among some of the most affordable areas in Canberra, with an asking rent of $400/week.

However, it depends on the property to property and other determining factors. Assess the space well to ensure it stands up to your lifestyle demands. Consider all the above factors while looking for a rental property and see its difference. Choosing an agent to do so or doing it all by yourself is a personal choice.

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