5 Things You Need For Throwing A Graduation Party At Your New Home

Whether your party is just for close friends or a huge family gathering, it’s always a great idea to plan ahead — and you’ll want most of these last-minute items on hand. The first thing you need is a place to hold the party. Your new home is a great place to host your graduation party, but it’s not always feasible or appropriate, especially if you’re short on space and resources. Now that you have decided to host the graduation party in your house, let’s talk about all the five things you need in place.

Guest list

The first thing you need is a guest list. This is perhaps one of the most important aspects of a party. You need to have a guest list to allow for all your friends and family to attend your graduation party. The list will as well inform you about the budget, the amount of homeschool graduation invitations to send, and much more.

Graduation card Invites

The second thing that tops the list is the invitation card. You will need to send them out before the actual event so that your guests can be prepared at least a week early. It is fine if you want to keep them informal and write your own personalized message in cards for each invite, but for convenience’s sake, you might want to opt for pre-written cards or online invitations, which are sent through digital means easily to save.

You can as well consider graduation invitation makers, they can help you to design great graduation invitation cards, so there is no need to hire a card designer or pay a hefty sum for it.

Theme and decoration

The third thing on the list is a theme and decorations, with the invitation being your guiding factor. You can as well choose a theme for each room, so you can make your graduation party theme based. You may have a food and drinks theme for the kitchen or a pleasant music player for the living room and so on. You will have to plan ahead to ensure that everything falls into place accordingly.

Graduation photoshoot

The fourth thing that you will need is photographs from the graduation party. These pictures will be a beautiful reminder of your special day and the one that you would flaunt to your friends down the road. You can get it captured by hiring a professional photographer or you can as well hire a few friends to take some shots.

Music and video

The fifth thing is music and video. You will need to play music no matter what kind of party you have, but if you want something more, then you might consider renting out projectors and showing some graduation videos on big screens or televisions.

If you or your friend is planning to reside in a new place after graduating, then a bachelorette party is the perfect time to endear the house, bring in new friends and make some space for your own party. Graduation means more than just graduation for most people. It’s a celebration of happiness and one of the ways you can achieve this is by throwing a bachelorette party at home.

Inviting guests to your graduation party tips

After the first send-out of graduation invitation cards, you will now have to further prepare yourself to welcome guests to your home. This is a time when you get to know more of your friends, and relatives and meet new people. You should always be humble and hospitable when greeting people you are meeting at the party. Here are some tips on how best to welcome your guests:

Invite all your friends from college and those who were not able to attend a graduation ceremony on campus. 

  • Make sure that the place you are going to host your graduation party is comfortable and homely.
  • Have an open mind and prepare yourself financially. 
  • Do some decoration in your new house if you want a prom theme or something else entirely. 
  • Have food, drinks, entertainment, and games ready for guests to enjoy themselves as they wait for others to arrive for the party from 11 am to 12 pm time. 
  • Decorate your room with balloons and streamers to create an elegant atmosphere.
  • Spend some time with your friends and enjoy the party.
  • Plan a trip or vacation with your friends where you can all relax and have fun.  
  • Make sure you clean up after the party to leave your home neat for others to visit anytime and anywhere.


There are a lot of things you need to make your graduation party the best. You will have to think about decorations, food and drink and many more. If you are living in a new house or apartment, then you will have to invite several people and plan everything properly. All of it is very important in arranging a good grade party at home.

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