7 Unique Features Of OLED TVs

The latest and greatest designs and performance in TVs come from OLEDs. But what are OLEDs, you ask? OLED stands for Organic Light-Emitting Diode. The way it works is that organic thin films (made from hydrogen and carbon, hence the term “organic”) are placed between two conductors. When electricity is applied, it produces light. OLEDs are also emissive, meaning they do not require a backlight like typical LED TVs. The result is a list of features unique to OLEDs.

Clearer image

OLED TVs offer the clearest image, better contrast, crisper display and a wider array of perfect colours. The emissive nature of OLEDs means that each individual pixel lights itself (without the use of a backlight) and can fully adjust its own colour, contrast and brightness, resulting in stunning picture quality. The black colour is truly black, as opposed to a darker grey, for instance.

Additionally, the nature of OLEDs offers the option for a curved display, so you can view the image clearly from any angle. This means that every spot in the room is the best spot!

Faster response time

Whether you are watching a sports game or high-octane action film, everything shows up as the creator intended. Reduced motion blur means you can clearly see what’s always going on. No more straining to see the most exciting parts of the game or movie!

Reduced blue light

Eye health is an often overlooked but important factor to consider when thinking of switching to a new TV. With a 50% reduction in flickering blue light compared to normal LED TVs, eye strain while watching an OLED TV is virtually a thing of the past. Now, you can feel much more comfortable binging on your favourite TV shows over a long weekend, or when you need to use it for long periods of time for education or work.

Lower power consumption

Due to the sleek design and performance of OLEDs, power consumption is drastically reduced, which increases the lifetime of the TV. This improved design also means less parts and plastic are involved in OLED production, so you can check the eco-friendly box, as well.

Foldable and flexible

One of the cool things about these innovative televisions is their potential to be both foldable and flexible. Many smartphones and other mobile devices are already taking advantage of this feature. The imagination runs wild when you think about a future in which you can take a large screen TV, fold it up in your pocket and take it with you on a trip.

Transparent displays

Although not yet commonplace, OLEDs allow for transparent displays. Imagine having a TV screen in your living room that looks like a hologram floating in space! Some of the other places this feature could be utilised would be in car windshields and windows.

Increased durability

OLEDs are far more durable than typical LED TVs. They can operate at a broader range of temperatures and won’t have as many issues. This is largely due to the minimalistic and efficient design–fewer moving parts, fewer problems.

Clearly, the future has arrived. All the major brands are already taking advantage of OLED technology. Currently, the price point for these TVs is higher than normal LCD TVs but that is likely to change in the future as the technology gets cheaper to produce. There is even talk of the possibility of future OLEDs being manufactured using a simple ink-jet printing process.

Final words

OLEDs have the potential to be game-changers in the realm of display technology. A whole new world of possibilities opens up because of OLED technology, so it will be exciting to see what the future has in store for us.

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