Buying A Triton Electric Shower? All You Need To Know

Bad showers are unpleasant because you must huddle under a stream of warm water before being showered in cold water when a neighboring tap is turned on.

Whether you are renovating your bathroom or adding an en-suite, make sure you buy a great electric shower that you will like using every day.

Regardless of whether you want a high-end power shower or are looking for a cheap shower, this guide will help you make the right choice. When you’re ready to buy, just go to to see all the great options available.

How is my water system configured?

When buying a new shower, you should first consider the type of water system in your house. This will have an effect on the models you may choose. Any water system will work with an electric shower, but because mixer showers rely on a constant flow of hot water, your options will be limited.

How do electric showers work?

An element, such as the one in a kettle, heats the cold water from the mains as it enters an electric shower. After the water reaches the appropriate temperature (depending on the heat setting you’ve selected), it is pumped via the shower head.

An essential consideration is the kilowatt (kW) rating of an electric shower. Typically, these range between 7kW and 10.5kW, and the higher the rating, the more powerful your shower will be (although you may notice that in winter when the colder water takes longer to heat up, performance might be reduced).

If you’re replacing an electric shower and want to upgrade to a more powerful unit, keep the following things in mind:

Is the water pressure in your house adequate? For 7kW showers, Triton recommended using a minimum pressure of 1 bar, and with 10.5kW versions, 1.5 bar.

Is your electrical system capable of handling the power? Triton advises using a 32A fuse or circuit breaker for a 7kW shower and a 45A fuse or circuit breaker for a 10.5kW unit.

Can the shower be supplied by the electrical wire? Triton suggests using a 6mm cable for a 7kW shower and a 10mm wire for a 10.5kW unit.

Who ought to use an electric shower?

Anyone can have an electric shower installed because they use cold mains water and are not dependent on the type of water system in the home.

Since they generate their own hot water, they are usually used as showers in homes when the hot water supplied by the boiler is insufficient.

Yet, they might be applied in circumstances other than this one. Even if you have a high-pressure system that generates a lot of hot water, an electric shower might still be appealing, especially if you’re installing a new bathroom.

This is because it is occasionally far easier and less expensive to connect a new shower to the existing cold water supply than it is to reroute hot water lines.

Why you should consider an Electric Shower

They are not only easy to install—though we always suggest getting a qualified tradesperson to do this—but they are also reasonably priced to run because they only heat the water you actually need.

They may continue to work even if your boiler isn’t working because they have their own internal heating element.

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