Moving is, believe it or not, a metamorphic process. It leads to new beginnings, adventures, and, most of all, new memories. But when there are kids involved, things can get particularly overwhelming. Of course, kids are heaven on earth, but sometimes they make the process of doing almost anything daunting. They try their best to help but end up ruining things – which is occasionally adorable, but most of the time, agitating. And home moving is already a crux of the matter, and it can turn into a taboo subject with kids. 

So with that in mind, what can a parent do to tame the process?

Staying still may not be an option. But thankfully, there’s a lot you can do to make your family’s move as smooth as possible.

Checklist for moving with children

The perfect way to slam the stress of moving with children is to look for plausible stressors and plan to address them. While you can’t eliminate the challenge of relocating with kids, there are some tips you could follow to help ease the process. With the following guide and checklists for moving with kids, you can remain organized, all the while preparing your kids for an uneventful move.

Declutter and find storage for outgrown clothes and toys

Suppose your children have outgrown certain clothes and toys, but you don’t want to get rid of them. In that case, you still have a worthy alternative to stashing them into your new humble abode. The band-aid approach? Storage! Happen to have a series of boxes of old items to fill your garage. A traditional storage unit might be a reasonable choice for you.

On the other hand, if you’re moving to a different state – let’s say; Texas – you might want to plan differently. Companies that provide self-storage services in TX are plentiful. Still, only one prevails when it comes to integrity and security. So if you’re on the lookout for a worthy storage companion in your new state and offset the process of moving, self storage Bedford tx is as good as it gets. From there, you will come across various storage unit options, ranging from small to large, all available at reasonable prices. 

So it’s simple, self-storage will help you store those never-want-to-throw-away things that belong to your children.

Talk to your kids about the move 

Most parents wouldn’t just wake up on the day of the move and announce to their kids, “Well, pack up your bags because we’re moving to a different city/place today!”

However, this message doesn’t simply depict that it’s better to tell them ahead of time – it is not enough! You have to tell them appropriately. 

Ensure you’re all in a comfortable spot and together as a family when you finally decide to break the news. Tell your children before you tell other adults who might spill the information to them. Also, hold off on telling the kids’ school teachers, parents of friends, etc., until your children themselves know. 

Offer as much info as possible

The best way to help kids cope with moving is to keep them informed. Do not leave kids out of the picture when it comes to details. Give them as much information about their new house as possible, including:

  • The name of their school
  • The reason you are moving
  • Your new address
  • The character of their new neighborhood 
  • Where you’ll be working 

Some of these details might seem like the kind of things children don’t “need to know,” but like anyone else, kids like to feel as though they are deep in the loop. As a result, make sure to pass on the information ahead of time. 

Also, make the process as tangible as possible

Even with the purest intentions, most parents still fail to prepare their kids for a problem-free move. Suppose you tell the children about the movement and leave it at that. In that case, all they know is what they are leaving behind: neighborhood kids, school, possibly grandparents, their special playing place, and so on.

It is very crucial that parents instead highlight what children are moving toward, including:

  • A new house, emphasizing anticipated amenities that aren’t available at your old home (a bedroom for everyone, a backyard, etc.)
  • Different landscapes or weather 
  • Various features of the new town (Any large playgrounds nearby, or perhaps, any children’s museums)

It is also essential to clarify what and who is coming on this new hoot of an adventure. Even if your children are older – in the 8-9 range – tell them straight away that you and your significant other are also coming.

Create a “Moving-Day” bag

Your kids probably won’t want to be separated from their favorite Nintendo or teddy bear for the next week. So ensure to pack a “moving-day” bag for your adventure. Explain that it may take a few days for all moving boxes to get unpacked, so they should keep everything they love close in their “moving-day” bag.

You can even create a unique moving-day bag as a surprise with eatables for the trip and even a toy or game for when they arrive.

Let them help

Yes, this one sounds a little frightening, but allowing your kids to lend a helping hand will ease the process. 

If children get the opportunity to engage in home-moving tasks, they may feel empowered. From packing up items to writing labels on containers/boxes, there is plenty to do for children who want to feel involved. 

Avoid letting them handle anything fragile or easily breakable, even if they seem capable – put them in charge of boxing the toys, clothes, or bedding instead. 


You see, moving with kids doesn’t have to be a nerve-wracking process. No doubt, the process of moving will present a series of new challenges. But if you can manage to turn these challenges into lessons, things may start to look brighter and brighter. 

Also, keep in mind that your attitude towards moving can also significantly impact how your kids handle the relocation. If you let your child(ren) see that you are sad, angry, or stressed about having to uproot the family, your child will likely feel the same. So make sure to keep your chin up and smile through the process. Who knows, your family might even grow closer, and you may learn more about your kids by going through it all together. Although we can’t promise, you’ll stop hearing “Are we done yet” over a million times before the process is finally over. Still, you will be able to manage the chaos more relentlessly. Happy moving!

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