Top Six Things To Do When Shifting To A New House

You most definitely are ecstatic to start a new life. Hunting a new home and moving in is indeed an exciting yet overwhelming task. You might be on the brink of opening the champagne bottle that rests on the shelves safely for special occasions. After all, executing a successful move without any significant hitches is the perfect relocation victory. You have every right to be full of yourself.

Regrettably, you might need to hold off the preparations. It’s way too soon to celebrate the welcome home party in style. There are still many more tasks on your plate to complete – a bunch of work that you shouldn’t stall. In addition, a never-ending moving checklist awaits you. From internet connection to crockeries to the water valves, you need to do a lot of preparation before shifting to the new residence. Without these preps, your move-in day might turn out to be an absolute disaster.

Things to do when shifting to a new house

Of course, you can enjoy the welcome parties and revel sometime later. However, now is the time to gird yourself and get cracking on essential tasks. The article offers tips and tricks that ensure a streamlined moving as well as the move-in process.

Unpack necessities

You might get tempted to unpack all your belongings and get fully settled. However, hold your horses and unwrap only essential items initially. Save this time to sort out the possessions you need the most and the ones that can wait. Worry where your other possessions will go? Never fear. Storage units are one of the ideal and trending options these days where you can store valuable belongings.

You can search for a storage unit around your area or from any internet resource. Suppose you have moved to a moderate climate region, such as Little River in South Carolina. In that case, you can search on the internet by typing self storage Little River SC to get the best possible options to store your belongings. You can stack away all the clutter of the former home. That way, your house won’t look fully swarmed with a mess of things.

Install a new security system

The previous owner of your new home might have given the copies of keys to several people in the past. And it’s next to impossible for you to determine the people who may have access to this new location. For this reason, level up the security game. First and foremost, contact a locksmith, get the locks changed, and install bolts wherever necessary. Then, check every door and window and ensure that they are in proper working condition.

To avoid any unforeseen circumstances, set up a smoke detector system and fire extinguisher on each floor. Besides, embed a burglar system for a foolproof security system. That way, the alarm will go off in case of any suspicious activity. Lastly, don’t forget to come up with an exit plan for any unfortunate incidents or emergencies. And ensure to discuss this escape route with your other family members.

Set up utilities and internet connection

Spending your first night in the new abode in pitch black is probably the last thing you need. Therefore, if you haven’t got your utilities up and running for any reason, now is the time to get it done without further delay. Reserve an appointment for installation services of electricity, water, and gas supply.

Depending on the distance, some utility companies offer the transference of services from one place to another. However, if you have moved too far away, you might need to call off services from one location before shifting to a new house. And while you are at it, don’t forget to set up internet, cable, and phone connections as well. Try to get an early appointment and install the services well in advance so that everything gets activated and runs smoothly.

Inspect electric panels and water valves

You might not know when an electrical issue occurs or the water supply gets interrupted. Therefore, make it a priority and don’t put off this task afterward. Find the electric panel and water valves and assess their condition when you move into your new home.

Inspect the distribution board and check which fuse works for which area of your home. Also, search the circuit breakers and label them in a similar method. Generally, the main breaker sits at the top with a series of other breakers in the next row. Moreover, learn the primary differences between a fuse and circuit breaker to take proper electricity restoration actions. For water valves, ensure that they are in working condition. Locate the main water valve, the company’s water valve, and the water meter. Watch out for any leakage of water even after the valve is off and fix it.

Make arrangements for kids and pets

Speaking of moving with kids and pets, ensure that they feel comfortable and secure in your new fortress. If you have a toddler with you, then it’s imperative to make your home baby-proof. That implies taking several steps to identify all harmful hazards presents in the house and course of actions to eliminate those risks. Begin with the nursery room and check the baby crib. Next, place the baby safely inside and fix the bedsheet of the mattress. Then, add window treatments and blinds to secure your baby thoroughly. Also, ensure that the baby bathroom has nothing but only fun items.

Put packing essentials, cleaning supplies, and box cutters away from the reach of pets. Cover sharp edges and be cautious about open doors. One pro tip is to take out your pet for a stroll at the park to get acquainted with the neighborhood quickly.

Arrange your new home

As soon as you wrap up the essential pending tasks, move onto the last important one. Consider this time as a golden opportunity to organize and embellish your new home the way you have always dreamed. Uncover the interior decorator inside you, who has been quiescent for quite a long time. Feel free to add minor touch-ups and makeovers little by little to give cozy and homey vibes to the place. Try out different crafty and bold decoration ideas until you find yourself utterly convinced with the results.

Final words

While it is true that the moving process seems thrilling, it can also get nerve-wracking at the end. The almost perennial moving list can deplete the energy and use up all your time. However, remember to use the same excitement and enthusiasm to tick off the remaining tasks in the moving checklist rather than hold them off for another time.

Also, it’s alright if your new place doesn’t feel like ‘home’ yet. Settling in well to the new location takes time. However, you will witness the real benefits of your efforts when you slump deeply on the couch, feeling content and peaceful, without having to complete a single ‘to-do.’

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