Moving With Kids; Tips To Follow To Make Your Move Smooth

Moving with kids can be a daunting task. It is tedious and time-consuming, but it is also challenging to pack everything for children. In addition, kids have their preferences, they might want the same toy in every box, or they might want to play with some of the items you are packing. But moving without them would probably be more traumatic than anything else, so here are some tips on how to make your move easier with kids.

When it comes to moving with children, many things need to be considered. With kids in the mix, packing is not just about what you want but also about what they want. It can be hard to find time for all the fun trips and activities you and your family enjoy because of the chaos involved in packing and preparing for an upcoming move. The best way to get through this process is by starting early, so you have plenty of time.

Tips to follow when moving with kids

Here are few tips you can follow to make your move smooth with children;

Prepare early for moving

Preparing your kids for a change can be very difficult so start early. They will be much more accepting if they know what is going on and why the move happens, so start preparing them a month or two before you move for this to happen.

Preparing your kids with their own set of things can also make it easier when moving as they won’t feel like they’re giving up all their childhood memories. Get to know more tips for moving with kids, so that you move stress-free. When packing, pack one box per child with some clothes, toys, and other items vital to them, so when unpacking at the new house, children may not notice how many boxes there are because everything’s labeled by name.

If you want to get rid of some of the toys your kids are not using and do not want to carry them along, then start doing it in advance in a way that kids won’t get upset about it.

Do not pack in advance

Usually, it is advised to pack your things early when you want to move, but with kids, it’s the reverse way do not pack up early as kids will be more upset with the loss of their items and not to mention they might break something which may have been picked up.

If you want to get rid of things without upsetting your children, then do it early, but again, don’t start packing too soon, or else how kids react might result in an emotional roller coaster ride on moving day.

The essential advice here is that if you’re going to move with young children (or any age!), make sure they don’t see any of the packings in advance.

Let’s say you have a couch and your kids love to sit on it, but then suddenly they can’t anymore when you put your furniture into storage while moving– remember that by only telling them once! If anything at all is packed up early or moved out of their reach, make sure to keep your children away from them until it’s time for them to be unpacked again.

Pack your kids’ stuff by yourself

Even if you hire a moving company, it is advised that you pack your kids’ stuff yourself as it will be easier for you to keep an eye on it. In addition, it makes it much easier for you when you start unpacking at your new place.

Don’t go out of your way and pack the bed sheets or pillows that are their favorite- they might have a better chance at remembering where they belong when we unpack them later!

Make packing fun

Kids are emotionally attached to their stuff, so if you make packing fun by taking it one item at a time, they’ll be more willing to do so.

This can involve including rewards, such as stickers or toys that you might have planned on using for their trip. That way, it is not just about the packing but also the reward!

It’s important that when kids are packing their items such as toys or clothes is done by themself so that they can feel like this was an accomplishment for them.

Kids are brilliant and observant- when we’re trying to keep things hidden from them, they will quickly figure out what is being kept away from them and where exactly those items are in our home.

It’s essential to make sure that this doesn’t happen by packing these valuables separately, preferably before kids know what’s been packed up! This ensures your children won’t go digging through boxes looking for something that isn’t there anymore, which could create an unneeded sense of loss.

Pack your kids’ room at last and unpack it first

Kids’ rooms must be wrapped up at last to avoid any chaos. And while unpacking, make a point to unpack their boxes first as this will help them settle down. If you pack their things first, it will be harder for them to find their toys and clothes.

Unpacking their toys and stuff first will make them busy in their play as you settle other things in your new house.

Pack an emergency kit for moving day

It is always wise to be prepared and have an emergency kit handy for the day of moving. Pack a few snacks that your kids will eat in case they get hungry on the go, pack clothes, basic toiletries like soap, toothbrush, and shampoo, etc

The key here is just covering any eventualities, so you’re not running around frantically looking for something when you need it most!

Research for schools at the place you are moving

When moving with kids, you must find a reputable school in the new city or state you are moving to so that your kids can start as soon as possible. Research the schools and find out what academic standard they are at, how much it will cost for a child to attend school there, etc

This is very important because you don’t want your kids falling behind on their studies when moving halfway across the country or world!


Your children’s emotions are your responsibility when moving long-distance, so be sure to plan accordingly! For example, packing their favorite toys or a little time for the day before you move could help keep them more cheerful on what is usually an emotional and tiring event in life.

It’s also crucial that you make sure they know where everything will go once you arrive at your new home, whether it being with friends or family members- this makes things less overwhelming for kids who might not understand why all their possessions have changed overnight.”

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