Is Loop Carpet Durable?

Choosing the right carpet for your home is essential in ensuring the comfort of your family. While there are many types of carpets available in the market, loop carpets are a great option, not only for their looks but also for their durability.

Carpets are classified based on how they’re constructed. Based on its name, a loop carpet is made by looping the fibres back and forth to the carpet backing. These loops can be levelled or textured and can be made with wool, synthetic fibre, or a combination of both.

What makes a loop carpet durable?

Loop carpets are durable mostly because of how they’re crafted. The continuous loops make the fibres of the carpet more intact, contributing to its strength.

Moreover, loop carpets that have densely woven fibres show strong resilience when you are moving heavy furniture. Based on the feel and style you are going for, there is a wide range of loop carpet styles you can choose from that doesn’t compromise durability.

Picking the right carpet for your home, office, or any space will save you from a lot of hassles. On top of their durability, loop carpets offer additional advantages, making them one of the smartest flooring options.

Easy to clean

Due to its tight structure, the dirt and dust stay on the surface, making it easy to clean. Also, most of the loop carpets made with synthetic fibres are stain-resistant.

In addition, there are no marks or patterns left during vacuum-cleaning, maintaining the tidiness of the floor. Loop carpets, especially ones with the levelled surface keep the floor looking sleek and clean all the time, making it suitable for any busy area.

Also, loop carpets show slower penetration of liquids compared to cut piles, giving you extra time to clean up spills before the carpet absorbs them. This is very helpful in preventing deep-seated dirt and stains.

However, it is highly recommended to still get regular carpet cleaning done by professionals even if you often vacuum your carpet yourself.

Good traction

Ensuring the safety of spaces is a must to prevent accidents. You need an excellent flooring option that is not only aesthetically pleasing but also efficient in keeping your family safe. That being said, a carpet that has good traction is needed to ensure everyone’s safety.

Loop carpets are great for busy areas like hallways and stairs since it helps prevent slipping. The best one for stairs is the levelled one. The loops are even and tightly packed which is essential for keeping your shoes from getting stuck.

Due to their safety features, loop carpets are perfect for homes with pets and children. Whether you choose a levelled or a textured one is a matter of preference and the overall aesthetic you are going for.

Endurance to high traffic

Loop carpets are excellent for areas where a lot of movement takes place. Its dense surface prevents footprints that are highly visible in cut pile carpets.

Installing loop carpet also helps keep a home looking clean despite a lot of movements happening, such as kids running around, or dogs playing around the house. These kinds of traffic won’t cause changes in the colour of the loop carpet’s surface.

Additionally, the intact surface of loop carpets will prevent the marks that heavy furniture often leaves when moved or lifted. This eases the hassle when rearranging furniture in your home.

Variety of styles

Loop carpets come in different designs, and you can surely find one that will suit your home’s overall look. If you’re considering a levelled loop carpet, aside from colours and patterns, one thing to consider is whether you want one with larger or smaller loops.

Smaller and tighter loops tend to be more durable and weight resistant, so it’s best for high traffic areas. On the other hand, ones with larger loops tend to be softer and comfier, making them appropriate for kids’ rooms, bedrooms, and nurseries.

In terms of aesthetics, carpets with tight loops would be highly suitable for a minimalist look. Its smoother texture highlights the simplicity of the room. Also, to make the space look wider, choose a loop carpet in lighter colours like light grey or beige.


The price of carpets varies based on the fibre used. However, since loop carpets are crafted to be highly durable, it will be the greatest deal you can find.

The best carpets available on the market that offer both durability and affordability are those made with synthetic fibres like nylon and polyester. They are proven to be more stain-resistant compared to those made with wool.

Moreover, loop carpets require lower maintenance. This means you can save more time on cleaning. Plus, its durability will let you maximize the lifespan of your carpet.


Finding the carpet suitable for your home is easier with all these qualities in mind. Durability and comfort matter, so it’s always best to choose the best of both to maximize your budget. That said, a loop carpet can be the best flooring option you can step on.

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