How Kitchen Gadgets Can Improve Your Decor

When people think of kitchen decor, they normally focus on the walls, the cabinets, the counters, the cooker, and whatever is used to cover the window—curtains, blinds, or shades. Wall decorations are sometimes included in the decoration plan for a kitchen, but actual kitchen utensils are thought of as a separate category.

However, choosing the right kitchen gadgets can really add to the overall appearance and feel of the room, especially when it comes to bigger items that will sit on your countertop or on a shelf rather than be hidden away in a cupboard or drawer.

How to make kitchen gadgets enhance the existing decor

Here are some ideas on how to make kitchen gadgets work with and enhance your existing kitchen decor.

Choose the right materials

In the 1950s, when kitchen gadgets first became popular, they were almost all made of plastic. Nowadays, with awareness of the environmental crisis becoming more and more widespread, it is becoming easier to find kitchen utensils made of many different materials, such as metal, glass, wood, and bamboo.

If your kitchen has a rustic feel to it, you should choose kitchen gadgets made with natural-looking wood and bamboo, such as the bamboo tea infuser, which you can get at a discount with this Vitauthority promo code. An excellent, trendy way to complement natural wooden and bamboo items in your home is to pair them with copper, which is a popular choice of material these days for making light fixtures, lamps, and ornaments, as well as being traditionally used for cooking pots. Spend some time carefully thinking about where you can implement this trendy combination.

If your kitchen is decorated in a minimalist Scandinavian style, you might like to purchase cooking utensils made of stone or glass. A nice way to add a splash of color to your minimalist kitchen would be to purchase a Himalayan pink salt grater set.

If you have a very colorful kitchen, you will be glad to know that an increasing amount of kitchen gadgets is being made out of bamboo or silicone in many different colors.

Choose the right colors

Designers of all kinds know that combining colors in the right way is key to creating a pleasant environment. When you are choosing your kitchen gadgets, keep in mind the colors in which your kitchen is decorated and choose the color of your gadgets accordingly. You may have heard of complementary colors, but there are many other ways of combining colors. A color wheel can help you make the best choice.

Choose the right shapes

Kitchens tend to be full of straight lines, such as the sides of cupboards and drawers and the edges of tables and counters. When buying kitchen appliances, try to choose ones with curved lines, as this ensemble will make your kitchen feel warmer and cozier. An easy way to add some curved lines to your kitchen decor is to have a few jars and bottles out on the counters and to choose food processors and refrigerators with rounded angles.

Choose the right textures

The word ‘texture’ normally makes us think of the tactile sensation we experience when touching an object, but it can also be applied to the way that different materials appear different to the eye. Putting objects with different finishes and made of different materials side by side can add complexity to a room and create a pleasant visual effect, as long as you don’t go overboard. If you feel like your kitchen could do with a greater variety of textures, one under-utilized material you could consider is cork.

Cork is pleasant to both sight and touch, is a valid alternative to wood or plastic for a variety of cooking utensils, is very durable, and has the advantage of being naturally antimicrobial and antifungal, at least according to some sources. Furthermore, cork is incredibly sustainable as it is harvested from the bark of the cork oak tree, with no need to cut down the tree itself.

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