9 Must-Know Ways To Style Your Wall

Bare walls can be perceived in two ways: a blank canvas you can unleash your creativity on, or a nagging blank space you just want to fill out with random home décor. But unless you have knowledge in interior design, you’ll probably find it challenging to style a blank and bland wall with flair and creativity.

Ways to style your wall

If you have a bare wall at home that could use some styling, here are six ideas you can get creative with:

Build an artsy book shelf

If you have reading materials scattered at home, you’ll hit two birds with one stone by building an artsy wall shelf. Add unique home décor items like masks and statuettes, or place small, framed arts in alternate positions.

Ledges will also work if you have a smaller space or have fewer materials to use. Wall units like the wall shelves and ladder shelves at RJ Living are also a good starting point if you want to start small and have more freedom with layouts.

Hang an oversized art

A beautiful work of art will look good on any wall. When in doubt, always bring in what you know can never go wrong with—photographs and paintings. Go for oversized ones with eye-catching colors that can serve as the focal point in the room it’s in. Large hallways and even the kitchen would be a perfect place to hang a second-look-worthy piece of oversized wall art print.

Anchor a leaning mirror

Large mirrors can instantly transform your boring space into a bigger and brighter one.  They’re versatile too and can easily blend with any theme. But instead of hanging it, consider leaning it on empty wall space. From the bedroom to a dull hallway, a large mirror that matches your interiors can add timeless aesthetic appeal to your home. If you’re a minimalist, go for simple frames that complement your wall’s color.

Add flower pots

Place a huge flower pot just around the corner of that awkward spot in your home. Potted flowers add a fresh feel to a room and can help create accents of colors in your interiors. The green touch will also be easier on the eyes. And of course, don’t forget to choose nice custom flower pots. Make it a statement pot or an unassuming one. Either way, keep it cohesive with the theme you’re setting up.

Spread photographs

Do you just stash away your old pictures into storage, never to be seen again? How about turning them into a gallery of memories caught on camera over the years?

Pictures from down the memory lane can be arranged into a gallery on the wall of your living room or bedroom to give it that sentimental touch. Use frames that go well with the room’s interiors and make sure the photos have a protective layer against damaging humidity.

Hang a rug

Rugs can be a good way to add texture, warmth, and pops of color to any room. But let’s forget about the floors for a moment and use them on the bare wall instead. A patterned rug hung on your wall can also look like a piece of artwork, especially if it complements the rest of your interiors. 

Printed vintage textiles and ethnic tapestries will also work if you have earth-toned interiors.

Display artifacts

Are you one who loves to collect rare antique items and historical figures? Hang a nice wooden shelf on the wall to display your collections or just hang the artifacts themselves. Both can be a great way to style your wall while also showcasing your taste and interests.

Paint murals

You don’t need to be an artist to do this. Try hand-painting a mural with abstract art; use metallic paint or even glow-in-the-dark paint. If you want to paint patterns, use stencils or tapes to create smooth, straight lines that look professionally made.

This can be messy though, so make sure to prepare the corner you’ll be working on. Clear the area and cover large furniture items that can’t be moved. When the paint dries, use odor removers to get rid of the paint before using the room again.

Attach wall art stickers

Wall decals aren’t popular for no reason. They’re affordable, easy to use, and come in a plethora of designs. From cartoon characters and symbols to flowers and vines, there’s plenty to choose from. They can also come in custom 3D prints if you want something specific and unique.

As for the materials, you can choose from vinyl, glass, rubber, and textured stickers that can look like you had your wall embossed or sculpted.


The best thing about decorating walls is the freedom you can get. You can combine these ideas and be as creative as you want. Start with an inspiration, create a color scheme, gather your materials, and enjoy bringing your wall into life!

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