How To Maximize Space In A Small House

Not all people can afford to live in a big house with multiple rooms. Most people have to keep up with smaller spaces and have to be creative to keep all their possessions organized. Living in a small space is not always a walk in the park. You need to decorate the space to make it appear larger while at the same time adjusting all of the necessary items. 

Decorating a small house is no easy feat either. Changing an interior here is quite opposed to renovating a bigger house. With small spaces, you need to find creative ways to store items in a way that is practical and does not compromise the aesthetics of the house. 

Some common ideas include integrating hidden drawers and shelves under the bed, stairways, or stacking decorated boxes as a space-saving measure.

Ways to maximize space in a small house

Here are a few ideas to get you started on your quest to make the most of your small space.

Make use of the storage unit

Before you start making changes, eliminate the extra stuff lying around in the house. It could be extra furniture, décor pieces, or cartons full of unseasonal clothes or bedding. In short, look for anything that is not needed at the moment. You can buy or rent a self-storage near your location and simply dump all the extra stuff in it. Decluttering opens up the space in your house, makes your home look larger, and makes it easy for you to think of creative ways to decorate. 

To find a storage unit near your place you can check it online; for instance, type Shreveport storage units if you live in the area. The trick applies to locations all around the world. Simply change the location to customize your search. You can also customize the search by typing “storage units near me” and coming across several services near your location. Once you find a storage unit nearby, you can declutter your house quickly, and even if you want something urgently, you can go and get it from the storage.  

Install floor-to-ceiling shelves

It is possible to store everything and create more space by installing floor-to-ceiling shelves. They give the illusion of more space and allow you to store and organize 70% of your stuff. Moreover, you can color the shelves and the walls the same color to create an open feel. You will be amazed at how well these shelves organize your house.

Invest in furniture that can serve multiple purposes

A practical solution for adjusting furniture in a small space is to buy smart furniture. Look out for items like convertible sofa beds or folding tables when purchasing. The convertible sofa can be used as a bed at night but turned into a couch during the day. Folding tables can be turned into iron boards, or they can simply offer the advantages of both items without taking up much space.

Organize your furniture according to its scale and proportion

Don’t forget to take the scale and size into consideration when buying furniture. You don’t want the furniture to appear crowded or out of proportion with the room. To select furniture according to the size of the room, take measurements of the space before heading out for shopping.

Decorate your house with high-gloss materials

Many interior designers prefer to use high-gloss materials when decorating a small room because shiny surfaces reflect maximum light and give the whole room an expanded vibe. The effect is similar to that of mirrors. For an added effect, you can add tiles and white lacquered walls to your house as well. Using this tactic, you will see that the same small space in your house will seem airier and bouncier.

Choose pocket doors

Pocket doors are the best getaway items to save space in small houses. These doors are designed to slide inside the wall acting as an open doorway when need be. If you’re using it as a backdoor, you can add the feature of see-through windows for ample sunlight inside the house, or simply put it in one of the rooms and let it act as a divider. 

Throw in a larger rug

When buying a rug for your house, go big because a big rug can make the area look more spacious. When neatly placed under the coffee table, couch, or any other piece of furniture in the room, it enlarges the view and gives the room a wider appearance.

Select your rug based on its color and pattern

Make your room appear spacious by choosing rugs in lighter shades. You can also create an illusion by choosing a rug with geometric patterns and lines. Neutral colors like cream and taupe enhance the visual appeal of a room without unnecessarily overcrowding it.

Make use of the space underneath the stairs

Unused space beneath the stairs is typically the perfect storage space in small houses. It may not be large enough to fit in a sofa inside, but you can make good use of this space by placing long pull-out drawers. Since the space can be quite expansive, they can be perfect for hiding books, shoes, or even utensils.

Always keep the countertops clean

A cluttered house makes a cramped space look even stuffier. Keep your home organized. It is critical to pay attention to the countertop in the kitchen and to the table in the dining area. Keeping a lot of items on the table can make it look messier and less appealing.


Designing a small space into your dream home can be quite challenging. You have more options to remove items than to add new ones. In general, the fewer items you have, the better. Even adding a sofa to a living room requires a lot of consideration. It is only the space in your house that determines whether the furniture is a yay or a nay. A rule of thumb is to use light colors, keep your house clutter-free, and keep it minimal to make it appear spacious.

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