Keep Your Home Cool This Summer

The most anticipated season of the year is finally arriving. If you want to make the best of it, you’ll need your home to have a nice temperature. However, if you’re worried about the bills, there are a few ways to keep cool without breaking the bank.

Here, you’ll find useful information about how to keep your AC at its best performance for when you need it most. So, come with us and save that scorching hot feeling when you’re on the beach or by the pool.

Summer in the City

The back of your neck doesn’t need to get burnt and gritty while you’re still at home. There are some things to consider while getting your AC ready for action or if you want to purchase a new one.

Don’t hesitate to contact expert AC services in Tucson if you need any help. Here are some tips if you’re considering investing in a new appliance.

Choose a type

Unless you’re replacing your central AC system, you’ve got one out of two options: a window AC or a portable AC. Both have advantages and disadvantages; the best choice will depend on each case.

Window appliances tend to be more powerful and cheaper, while portable ACs can do a wonderful job in small places, not to mention the convenience of portability.

Read the room

Regardless of your type of choice, you must consider your room size before closing the deal. Is it powerful enough to cool the entire room? Is it “too” powerful for that specific room? “Too powerful” ACs will only waste your money.

Also, don’t place the thermostat where it’ll be overexposed to heat or sunlight.

Energy efficiency

Energy efficiency is a mandatory feature if you don’t want to waste your budget. Choose appliances that are certified by Energy Star. It can make a lot of difference in your energy bill, especially during the seasons when it’s used most.

Maintenance tips

Investing in a new AC is not always necessary to cool down your house. A well-preserved AC can last up to 15 years, and it’s up to you to keep it in its best shape. Luckily, basic maintenance is pretty straightforward and doesn’t require a lot of special gear. Here’s what you need.

Clean/replace filters

Clogged filters will affect the airflow negatively, not to mention the overall air quality. They’re cheap and easy to replace. A filter can go on from 45 to 90 days and should be replaced after this. Notice that this interval might be shorter if you have furry pets at home.

Let it breathe

Remove any dust or debris that could be clogging the outer part of your appliance. Things like leaves, branches, pieces of plastic, and others get in the way of your coils if you immediately affect your AC’s performance. You’ll need to check on the outside often. Use a coil cleaner to clean the condenser.

Brush the coil fins

Coil fins are very fragile things and get bent or twisted quite easily. Doing so blocks part of the airflow, making your AC work harder and be less effective. There’s an inexpensive tool to help you with it, though: the fin comb. You can find it in any specialzed shop, and it will straighten your fins back again.

Keep it fresh

There are also other ways to keep the room temperature at an agreeable level. Better still, they don’t necessarily involve your appliance working at top capacity all the time. There are indirect ways of doing your AC work more efficiently and making the indoor environment more pleasant. Check three of them below.


Proper insulation is paramount for the best usage of your AC. Check windows and doors, seeing if their insulation needs improvement or replacement. You can hire an auditor for the task; some energy companies even provide this service for free. Still, you can do it on your own by going around your home and checking if there’s air escaping somewhere.


Your AC will have to work much harder if your room is constantly under the scorching sun. So, consider applying sun-blocking curtains or Ziptrak blinds indoors and creating shades outdoors. Trees are perfect for the task, but you can also install awnings in strategic places to shield your room from the hottest moments of the day.


Having plants indoors is a beautiful way of keeping the air fresher. Even so, indoor plants won’t clean the air in your room completely, but they do help. Leafy plants, like English ivy, snake plant, and broad lady palm, are common options for this purpose. Ivy walls can also do a wonderful job of shielding your walls from heat.

Where the heat is meant to be

Hot weather is only amazing when you can enjoy it. Melting away on your couch definitely isn’t a great way to do so. Applying the tips in this article can greatly improve your indoor environment and create your own oasis during the hottest days of the year.

Better still, feeling good at home doesn’t even need to cost that much, just choose the right appliance for your needs and take good care of it.

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