Why Is Post-construction Cleaning So Important?

All construction and remodeling projects have one disappointing feature in common — they leave tons of dust and waste behind. Since post-construction cleaning isn’t in the contract, you cannot expect your contractor to leave the place sparkling clean.

The construction crew can do some minor rough cleaning, for example, stack construction leftovers or sweep the floors. However, all the major cleanup and disposal of debris and hazardous construction waste is usually on the client. Post-construction cleaning is more laborious than it seems, and there are many reasons why you should delegate it to professional post-construction cleaning services in New York rather than tackle it on your own. 

What is included in post-construction cleaning?

Post-construction cleanup starts with clearing construction debris, litter, material leftovers, and tossed packing from the rooms. Then goes sorting and preparing all this trash for proper utilization. Only after that, a post-construction cleaning team can move on to deep dusting, vacuuming, sticker removal, and washing all washable surfaces such as floors, counters, windowsills, etc.

In some cases, the final touch before the move-in day is needed because it is impossible to collect all dust in one cleaning. Any activity in a dusty room lifts some dust into the air, so you should wait for a couple of days until the dust settles and wipe down surfaces again.

Several arguments in favor of post-construction cleaning

Responsible disposal of construction waste

Construction litter and material leftovers (such as concrete, wood, tiles, or paints) cannot be just piled together with the regular trash. You can get fined for that. Plus, you will have to look for a cargo van to transport waste to the landfill or some recycling place.

A reputable NYC post-construction cleaning company knows local waste disposal regulations. They can sort and dispose of waste using their transport faster and more effectively than if you did it yourself.

Safety above reproach  

Everyone knows that one should watch their step (and head) while being on the construction site. However, cleaning such a place requires even bigger vigilance and knowledge of how to avoid all potential hazards. If you rely on post-construction cleaning services in New York City, you won’t need to invest in a helmet and protective clothing and worry about nails, broken glass scattered, or chemicals spilled all around the construction site.

These guys know what to pay attention to and have the necessary equipment and protective clothing to work fast and effectively.

Fast move-in

The construction project took so much of your budget and nerves that you can’t wait to move-in into your new home or office. However, unpacking your stuff or equipment and resuming your normal way of life and business operations is hardly possible in a dusty place full of waste. Having to clean it all yourself or forcing your employees to do it is an easy recipe for a stressful and underwhelming start in a new place.

Alternatively, if you get a professional NYC cleaning service to handle your post-construction cleaning, you save lots of time and energy. You can spend it arranging your staff, resuming business activity, shopping for new items, or just opening a bottle of champagne to celebrate your housewarming.

Budget savings

Compared to your entire construction budget, the price you pay for professional post-construction cleaning in NYC is small, but it already includes the cost of hauling construction waste with a cargo transport you would otherwise hire anyway. It also includes the cost of cleaning equipment, protective clothing, and supplies you would have to buy to clean all kinds of surfaces in your newly constructed or remodeled house.

No cleaning mistakes

If you don’t have solid experience cleaning, you can harm newly finished floors and other surfaces accidentally by scratching them with sharp objects like nails, tile, or broken glass pieces. But even bigger damage can be done by using the wrong cleaning product that will destroy the finish and dull the surface.

Professional cleaners from a reputable cleaning service in NYC are aware of all the risks of working on a cluttered post-construction site. They have abundant experience cleaning all kinds of surfaces, so you can have peace of mind knowing that no harm will be done because professionals know their onions.

Uncompromised cleanliness

The best post-construction cleaning in NYC won’t just remove visible litter and wash the surfaces in obvious places. They will dust hard-to-reach areas, removing all hidden dirt and dust and leaving all surfaces properly cleaned and disinfected where needed.

It means that after moving into such a deeply cleaned house or office, you won’t need to bother with serious cleaning any time soon. The mild, regular cleaning will be sufficient to maintain your place perfectly clean for the upcoming two or three months.

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