Extending The Lifespan of Your Solar Panels

Photovoltaic, or PV, solar panels are designed to survive for at least 25 years with regular use. Many solar panels and solar panel bird proofing mounted in the 1980s are still producing at or above their recommended standard of output, and the durability of solar panels has risen exponentially in the last 20 years.

Will the efficiency of my solar panels decrease with time?

Over time, solar panels will inevitably produce less energy, as is the case with most technology. The rate at which power production decreases is known as degradation. Simply put, a solar panel’s energy output will drop by roughly 0.5% annually, or at the median degradation rate of about 0.5%. After 20 years, the efficiency of your panels should be around 90% of what it was when you first installed them.

How to extend the life of your home solar panels

The advantages of solar panels include low upkeep requirements. It is only required to clean solar panels frequently if you live in a region with a high concentration of dust, dirt, pollen, or sand.

Although solar panels don’t need much in the way of upkeep, it’s still wise to check in on them sometimes and track how they’re doing. Follow these guidelines to get the most out of your solar panel system.

Ensure your panels are always free of anything that could cause damage

The effectiveness of your solar panels can be reduced if they have become covered with dust, pollen, leaves, and even bird poop. While rain is usually all that’s needed to clean solar panels: if you ever find that they produce less power than usual, you should have them professionally cleaned. Your panels’ output could be diminished by shade, and falling branches from nearby trees could cause catastrophic damage if they land on your boards during a storm.

If any of these things happen to your panels and you don’t have the knowledge or resources to fix them, you should contact your solar provider as soon as possible for assistance.

Ensure that your panels are periodically checked and serviced

Maintaining a regular schedule of inspections will ensure that your solar system’s panels, meters, and inverter continue to function at peak efficiency. You should also keep track of your energy consumption and electric bills.

If your solar panels are not producing as much energy as usual during a rainstorm or after being hosed down, or if you see an unexpected increase in your utility bill, it may indicate an electrical problem that needs to be treated by a professional.

Partner with a reliable solar energy service

Finding a reliable solar installer is the most important thing you can do to prolong the life of your solar system. Solar systems have a long lifespan and require little frequent maintenance. Still, some solar companies offer lifetime maintenance packages to ensure their products keep producing clean, economic, and sustainable power for their customers.

Regarding their long track record of improved operation, many solar producers back their brands with the right quality in the product warranty.

It’s important to remember that just because solar panels are predicted to last for a few years doesn’t indicate the panels on your rooftop will stop generating electricity after that time. All this implies is that their energy output will drop by the amount solar panel manufacturers think necessary to meet the needs of the typical American household.

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