Is A Property Survey Necessary Before I Buy A House?

Property surveys determine the area of land that belongs to a homeowner. They are important documents that will help you justify the property price offered by a homeowner. You’ll know how much land is yours when planning to invest in a certain property.

As someone seeking a well-built house, you must request the homeowners for the property survey. If they don’t have it in their records, you can contact surveyors like FlyGuys drone services for location surveys. They use high-end equipment like infrared drones for photogrammetry.

A property survey is not a requirement but is important for you to own as you move into a new location. You don’t know the neighbors’ boundaries and walls or the neighborhood’s requirements from landlords.

Why should you have a property survey?

A property survey may not seem as crucial to you as it is because most mortgage companies only consider insurance to be the major requirement. But, some mortgage businesses ask for a property survey to look into the access points and distances of the house before putting it up for sale.

Having a property survey helps you understand that other people have no right to invade your space while you, on the other hand, can protect them. Nobody has the right to use your land or property to park cars or do parties unless you allow them.

Technically, the survey results will show geographic support for those assertions. When you use drone services to tour the property with a drone pilot, you can have a three-dimensional experience. These surveys will reveal the surface objects and the distances through aerial imaging.

If done without photogrammetry, the easements may not be vividly apparent, but HD surveying can reveal them. Perhaps there is proof of a trail that winds through a remote property area, and you won’t know it.

Without a good aerial and terrestrial view, you may not know a gate that encloses the limits of your future home. There can be a fence or a line of hedges that belong to another landowner. The point is that you shouldn’t be careless about the process.

What if the landowner doesn’t have the property survey?

If they don’t have this paper, this doesn’t mean you fall out of the deal. You can hire a surveyor. Hiring a drone construction surveyor will pay dividends in these circumstances.

You’ll be better able to decide on the owner’s insurance policy provisions that will work in your favor if you are aware.

You could omit the survey phase if you’re paying with cash. However, as you can see, there are several benefits to doing a survey. You will be receiving the deed and purchasing the property, after all.

If you decide to do the property inspection by your pocket, we suggest drone inspection is the best way to survey land.

Why are drone inspections better for property surveys?

A drone survey means capturing images or video using a drone camera. Drone cameras for construction work on a photogrammetry framework.

Photogrammetry means that the drone pilot will click pictures of the land under inspection from different angles and directions (aerial and terrestrial) in 3-D.

  • Drone inspections provide highly accurate distance measurements.
  • Drone cameras are prone to atmospheric situations like clouds.
  • Drone cameras can fly high and at much lower aptitudes hence a better view of the surface in topographic maps. These maps are colorful and make them easy for you to understand.
  • Aerial imaging results in detailed, clear images for the homeowners or people interested in the property.
  • Drone topography saves five times more time than the land-bound methods. It’s quicker, saves money on the manual force, and provides three-dimensional models of the land.

Drone construction surveys are effective since they take only a few hours to collect data. You won’t have to wait for days to get the report. Drone cameras are highly efficient and can cover up to 700 acres in one day, which is nearly impossible for humans. The best part to consider is that drone construction surveys are far less prone to errors.

So, even if the house seller doesn’t have the property survey, you can still get it done by professional surveyors. Why? Read the benefits given below.

Benefits of having a property survey as a buyer

More options to choose the best

When you are considering multiple properties before buying, a property survey can provide you with real-time data about the options, with speed and accuracy. This can help you choose the best one before the deal passes.

Regarding a property survey, it’s still crucial to do your homework. You can get quotations from multiple surveyor companies before choosing the one that best suits your needs. Make sure you accompany the surveyor to the land survey after that.

Uncover hidden issues with aerial imaging

You will gain greater knowledge about the property and be the first to be informed of any potential issues. Finally, after viewing the property survey, follow up with any inquiries.

Bargain the price

You can prepare to bargain a fair discount off the asking price or convince the present owner to address a persistent problem. The main goal of a survey is to maintain the relevance to the proposed price.

If the surveyors find any issues that need pricey repairs, it doesn’t necessarily follow that you shouldn’t buy the home.

You might use the report as a renegotiation tool and demand that the value of the commodity reflects the cost of the repairs if the seller does not want to make the repairs. Overall, a survey of the property you’re interested in will be helpful for you.


Before listing their house for sale, sellers who wish to increase the appeal of their properties to purchasers should have a house geo location study completed. Before purchasing, prospective buyers are assured that property borders are defined.

You don’t want surprises that could cost you a lot of time or money when you purchase, construct, or remodel your land. Obtain a preliminary property site survey.

You won’t be buying a house every year. It’s a one-time purchase. Therefore, it is worth the peace and the assurance that you get what you see.

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