Long-Distance Move: How to Move Long-Distance With Ease

Moving can be quite an ordeal, even if it is just from one house to another around the block. However, things can be much more stressful and overwhelming when the move is long-distance. The situation could be worse, to say the very least. Just imagine, you and the family are piled into the car and a moving van filled to the brim with belongings. The dog is howling, the kids are screaming, and pulling your hair out by the ends appears to be a reasonable option.

The point is that things can get out of hand while moving if you let them. But that’s only if you let them. These tips can help you with the venture and, hopefully, ensure everything goes smoothly. Then, once the move is said and done, you’ll be able to look back and know that you handled the matter with ease.

To ship or not ship your car, that is the question

You could always drive yourself if you’re moving cross-country, but you don’t have to. Car shipping companies transport vehicles for owners, so if you’re not about being stuck in the driver’s seat for hours on end and getting sore, consider using one of them. Then, you can travel by a quicker and more comfortable means. For instance, you can catch a plane and get to your new home state in half the time.

In addition, these companies typically offer air and sea freight. So if your vehicle needs to get from one country to another, the businesses can assist with that. Just be sure to research a shipper before hiring them. There are many scammers in the world today, and nobody wants to get taken advantage of.

Hire professional movers

Depending on what you’re taking with you, there could be a lot of heavy lifting involved with your long-distance move. For example, picking up and carrying appliances such as refrigerators, stoves, and washers can be rough on the back. Or, what about your back, knees, and arms after grabbing hold of a big couch and carrying it down three flights of stairs? Professional moving companies in Warrington have the muscle and resources to easily tackle these types of endeavors. So, if you’re all about an effortless move, don’t forget to hire reputable movers.

Decide what to take

You can load up boxes on your own or hire a professional packing company to do the chore. However, you’re taking a do-it-yourself approach for these purposes. Now, instead of throwing everything that you find into containers, look through your belongings and decide what to take. If there are some items that you can live without, give them to charity, hold an estate sale, or head to the pawnshop. Afterward, you will have downsized and helped someone else in need or put a little change in your pocket.

Color-coordinate or label the boxes

If you buy boxes for a long-distance move, try to get them in different colors. Then, color-coordinate as you pack. For instance, put bathroom stuff in blue boxes so that when it’s time to unpack, you’ll know blue is for the bathroom.

Of course, if you’re like many people, getting packaging supplies for free will be a top priority. As such, your stack of boxes could be nothing but brown. Hence, be sure to have permanent markers handy to label them. Don’t make unpacking any harder than it has to be. Instead, color-coordinate or label to make your long-distance move a breeze.

Do a visual inspection with your movers

Professional movers pack, carry and transport things for a living. Hence, most jobs happen without a hitch. But that doesn’t mean accidents can’t or don’t occur from time to time because they do. In turn, items get damaged or broken. If something of yours gets busted, you may need to file a claim with the moving company’s insurance. Ordinarily, that isn’t too big of a deal, but it could be, particularly if a representative denies your claim.

That’s why you should do a walkthrough with the movers before anything gets loaded onto the trucks. Don’t merely talk about damages that you find, though. Rather, document and take pictures of the spots. That will give you the evidence that you need to fight if the insurer decides to play unfairly.

Plan the long-distance move during the off-season

Did you know that there is such a thing as a moving off-season? It is typically between October and May, and there are many reasons to move during that time. For example, because movers aren’t all that busy during this period, you shouldn’t have any problems getting put on a company’s schedule. Additionally, discounts may be available for those who wait to move until the off-season. Thus, if you want to save some cash, be sure to ask movers like local removals company in Chelsea or local removals company in Cheshire if they have lower rates from October to May.

Create a checklist

Things will undoubtedly be hectic and chaotic when you’re attempting to move long-distance. Thus, you should consider creating a checklist. Include all the things you need to do, like hire movers and get utilities connected/disconnected. Then, mark items off as they’re completed to avoid confusion.

Final words

Short-distance moving can be quite a hassle, but long-distance moving is typically even worse. Don’t fret about the situation, though. Rather, use these tips and other advice you’ve learned over the years to ensure your move goes swimmingly.

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