The Four Seasons: Best Season of the Year To Plan Your Move

You can have a fun experience when relocating to a new place if you know how and when to move. Typically, it’s easier to take care of the “how” part, but what about when? When is the best time of the year to move or the best season? Is summer the best time to move, or will it be too congested? Sometimes, it’s not in our hands to decide when we move, but we can certainly make the best of every situation.

Which is best season of the year to plan your move

Every season has its pros and cons; therefore, you should know all the handy tips and things to consider when moving in each season. Take a look at what you need to do and look out for when moving this year.

Why is summer the best time?

Almost 80% of all moves in the U.S occur between April and September, which is the summer season. There are many reasons why people would consider summer as the best season of the year to plan your move. People with children often find it easier to go through the process because schools are closed. And it’s an ideal time to look for houses owing to a large number of properties on the market.

It means that not only you wouldn’t have a hard time moving with kids, but you will also have tons of choices. Moreover, first-time movers should hire a moving company for a hassle-free relocation, especially if you live in a place with short summers. Suppose you happen to be in or near Bellevue, Washington. In that case, you can find many good moving companies bellevue wa who will be more than happy to take off the load from your hands.

Things to consider

Even though many would recommend summer as the best moving season, it is also the peak season when most Americans plan their move. So, it would be best if you considered a few things when moving in the summer, such as booking your moving company in advance. The sooner you approach a moving company, the better it would be because summer is jam-packed mainly.

If you want to have a smooth summer relocation, avoid moving on weekends or at the beginning of each month (especially June and July). Make extra sure that your mover won’t be canceling on you in the end. Another letdown of moving in the summer is the extreme heat, so if you are down for a sweaty move, then buckle up!

Why is winter the best time?

If you move too often and can’t stand the heinous expenditure every time, try moving in the winter this year. The winter season is considered the best time to have a cheap move because most people avoid the chilly and unpredictable weather. However, everyone has different priorities, and if yours is to have a budget-friendly move, then winter is your calling. Because it is off-season, moving rates drop by 20-30%. You are more likely to face fewer delays and cancellations from your moving company. The weather is not as hot as it is in the summer for manual work.

Things to consider

Winter moves are easy on the pockets, but the weather and preparation are the real challenges. The weather is iffy, the relocation is chaotic, and the travel circumstances are difficult. The conditions aren’t ideal, and you need to do a great deal of prep, such as shoveling driveways, clearing the loading areas of snowbanks, salting the walkways, protecting the floors, and so on. Therefore, you should always think about hiring professional movers if you are thinking about a winter move. The unpredictability of the snow and ice can yield dangerous results if you are attempting a move on your own.

We recommend moving somewhere between September and April to avoid a summer move because the temperatures are bearable and moving services are readily available.

Why is autumn the best time?

The amazing temperatures during September through November can easily beat the iciness of the winter and the humid summer weather. Compared to winter and summer, the fall season is ideal for planning a relocation since the weather is balanced enough to handle even the most difficult movements. In the mild autumn weather, the moving activities are slower and lesser than in the summer, which means budget-friendly rates and less congestion in bookings. Moreover, unlike the winter season, the road conditions are safer and optimal, and all the vacation traffic dies down.

Things to consider

The biggest downer of moving in the fall, especially for kids, is that school starts in the fall. You’ll have a hard time scheduling the move with kids running back and forth to school and after-school activities. It can also be complicated and challenging for kids to move this early in the new school year. Moreover, if you plan a move for the weekend, then you’ll meet with loads of traffic and other moving delays.

Why is spring the best time?

For people who live in hot, humid weather or chilly temperatures all year round, the spring season is a breath of fresh air. People tend to choose spring moves because of the pleasant weather and a chance to enjoy something as difficult as relocating to a new place. Since June marks the beginning of peak season, moving between March and May seems more convenient if you avoid the crowded months. Moving companies are also readily available in these months at affordable rates. The traveling conditions aren’t as harsh as the winter or the summer season.

Things to consider

Like fall, families with kids will experience difficulty moving in the spring because of the end of the school year activities like exams. Not only that, but unpredictable spring showers can also bring down your plans for a smooth move. We recommend families with kids move as close to the end of the school year as possible to finish the academic year. For a comfortable experience, you should consider moving before May.


Relocating to a new place is never easy at any time of the year. The change is enormous, especially with kids of school age. Since you’ll have a lot of work cut out for you, why not make your move a bit easy by traveling in ideal conditions? While each season has its pros and cons for a move, you can choose the best season of the year to plan your move based on your preferences, where you live, and your children’s school for a hassle-free move.

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