7 Eco-Friendly Interstate Moving Tips

Chances are you are moving interstate for your new job, a new environment, or because of family-related reasons. No matter what the reason, moving is an exciting yet overwhelming process. After all, you are going to have a fresh and new life in the new place. However, moving is not as easy as it seems. First, you need to pack all your belongings from your previous place and take it with you to your new home. Whether you lived at your previous address for a few months or a few years, you know that transferring the amount of stuff you’ve gathered over the years isn’t easy. Getting professional movers’ help is also a must to lessen the stress of long-distance moving.

Moreover, the Interstate moving process is not very eco-friendly. Unfortunately, both packing and moving have a substantial negative influence on the environment, from long-distance travel to the usage of non-eco-friendly materials. However, if you are an environmentalist, you might look for the best ways to make your move as green as possible.

Interstate moving tips to follow

Are you looking for expert tips and tricks to make your move eco-friendly? Well, here is the good news, an eco-friendly interstate move is not complex. Read on below to learn some of the top sustainable moving tips:

Make sure to declutter

There is no denying that moving is a fresh start. So you might find it tempting to take all your stuff with you to your new place. However, what’s the point of starting a new life at a new home with all the unnecessary items? Thus, before you begin to pack, make sure to declutter.

Make sure to declutter responsibly to ensure you are saving the planet from waste. Take a look around your house, and look at things you don’t need for your new place. Avoid throwing your unwanted belongings in the bin that you might want to use in the long run.

Moreover, are you a resident of Bonney Lake and wish to store some of your belongings? Then, a better solution is to consider a bonney lake storage facility with 24/7 video monitoring services. Keep in mind; taking minimum things with you to a new place can make your move more eco-friendly.

Create a robust plan

Like any other task, you can’t achieve a successful move without a proper plan. Unfortunately, many people often overlook this factor, leading to unexpected consequences later on. Therefore, make sure to take some time out to create a robust plan.

Your plan must include all the tasks you need to do before and after moving. You can also mention a timeline to complete each task. In addition, planning can give you an idea of what items you already have in your home, thus, mitigating the chance of significant wastage. Planning also includes the number of boxes you need to collect weeks before your move and researching the best sustainable moving company.

Donate or recycle

While you are decluttering, make sure not to throw away possessions that you might donate or recycle. Instead, go through your items such as kitchen supplies, clothes, books, furniture, etc. List down the things that are in good shape but no more of your use.

Then, you can either donate these belongings to your friend or family. Moreover, suppose you have more than one item in your home. The best idea is to donate extra items instead of taking them with you to your new place. Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace might be your go-to option to sell unnecessary belongings.

Furthermore, you might have some electronic items or batteries that you can recycle. Recycling can help you eliminate the waste going to the landfill.

Use packing boxes you already own

Sure, you need some boxes to pack your belongings and get ready for the move. However, purchasing too many boxes might create a lot of waste after your move. So what’s the best way to pack your belongings in a more eco-friendly way?

One of the best ways is to use boxes from your home. Remember all the parcels or gift boxes you collected throughout the year. Well, now is the best time to make it worthwhile. That way, you can avoid purchasing new packing boxes.

Furthermore, you can also rely on suitcases, dressing drawers, plastic bins, duffel bags, etc. However, if you can’t find enough boxes from your home, it’s about time to make a trip to a local shop. They usually have card boxes that they might even rent for free.

Utilize eco-friendly supplies

You are investing in card boxes for your sustainable move, but what about packing supplies? The majority of waste comes from packing supplies during the moving process. So make sure to utilize environmentally friendly packing supplies.

For example, bring out all the clothes, blankets, towels, and comforters to wrap your belongings. That way, you don’t have to worry about your precious and fragile belongings getting damaged during the move.

Moreover, you have utilized all your eco-friendly household items for packing and are now running out of them. Well, no worries. You can do your research and purchase some recyclable or biodegradable supplies for your move. In addition, don’t forget to use eco-friendly chemicals to clean your items and reduce carbon footprints.

Clean up your kitchen in the last

Many people often overlook this factor. For example, you might be planning to pack all your kitchen items weeks before your final move. However, have you ever thought about what utensils you would use if all your kitchen supplies were in packing boxes?

In addition, you might have to depend on plastic kitchen items such as cups, plates, spoons, etc. So the best way is not to pack some of the essential kitchen items. Instead, you can take these items with you on a moving day in your bag. Doing so can help you avoid significant unnecessary wastage.

Moreover, you might not be cooking during your moving phase and relying on deliveries and takeouts. Consider using disposable plates and cups whenever you eat.

Go with eco-friendly transportation

Once you have packed all your belongings in an eco-friendly way, your next step is to choose an environmentally-friendly vehicle. Regrettably, many transportation companies rely heavily on fossil fuels. So make sure to do your research properly before hiring the transport for your moving process.

Look out for transportation companies that adhere to sustainability. For example, your hired moving company must use biodiesel fuel instead of traditional gasoline. Furthermore, does your moving company use the quickest route for your transportation?

Make sure to hire a moving company that uses fewer trips. Minimum trips can reduce carbon emissions and hence save the planet.

Key takeaways

Let’s face it; moving from one place to another is an inevitable part of an individual’s life. However, taking care of the planet we live on is a responsibility for every person. However, the best part is many people today are looking for a more green movement.

Also, fortunately, reducing carbon footprints on your move is not as difficult as it seems. You can always seek help from professionals. In addition, you don’t even realize your every little step towards eco-friendliness while in your moving process can make a significant difference.

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