5 Effective Ways To Honour Your Loved One’s Legacy

Dealing with the passing of a loved one is not easy. While most people are supportive regarding the initial grief, the world keeps spinning and life continues. This can also make it easy to feel guilty about moving on, even though this is an essential part of the grieving process.

The best way to ease any feelings of guilt and help you to deal with the passing of a loved one is to honour their legacy. There are many ways to honour your loved one’s legacy:

Get a headstone

It may seem like a typical gesture but it is an important one. A headstone is personal and, if you use a specialist in headstone memorials Hawkesbury, you’ll find there is a huge array of styles and designs to choose from.

The headstone can be placed where they have been buried or you can include it in a display at home, ensuring there is a dedicated place to chat with your loved one and remember their legacy. It’s a great way to feel they are always near you.

Think about them when making decisions

Perhaps one of the simplest ways to honour a loved one’s legacy is to think about them when you are faced with big decisions. Consider what they would have done and what actions you can take that would make them proud. This will help you choose the best course in life and honour your loved one at the same time.

Dedicate a bench

There are plenty of places where you can dedicate an existing bench or add a bench with a plaque commemorating the life of your loved one. You’ll need to chat with your local authority to establish the application process, where your bench can go, and what will be written on it. But, once you have completed everything the bench will allow others to think of your loved ones and their achievements.

If you prefer, you can always plant a tree to celebrate their life. In fact, it is common to plant a tree in the ashes of a loved one that has been cremated.

Create a charity or scholarship on their behalf

To help share your loved one’s achievements and their desire to help others you may wish to start a charity or scholarship program. In other words, you’ll be helping others in the name of your loved one. This is an excellent way to help others while honouring your loved one.

Share their story

It is also possible to share their story. This starts with making sure younger members of the family knew who they were, this will help the legacy continue into future generations.

Alongside this, you can post on social media, write an inspirational book about their life, or even create mementos that can be passed through the generations. All these items will help your loved one to be remembered, their legacy will inspire others and hopefully make them better people.

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