How To Remove Condiment Stains Effectively and Easily

In dealing with food stains, the rule of thumb is to deal with them as early as possible. It becomes difficult to remove if the stain settles in the cloth fibers. You can laundry your stained clothes alone or book a laundry pickup service to ensure experts will handle the stain situation.

Here are a few steps on how to deal with common condiment stains. 

When removing ketchup and mustard, you have to remove as much of it first with a spoon before pre-treating the spot.

Red tomato ketchup

Like salsa and ketchup, any tomato-based sauces have to be removed first with a spoon or dull knife. Spray a laundry pre-treater or a dishwashing liquid detergent. Rub the stained area carefully and let it sit for at least 5 minutes. Read the care label first before washing the stained clothes.

If the wash label agrees, you can wash the clothes with the warmest water and feel free to add color-safe bleach if it is safe for the clothing material.

Dark-yellow mustard

As mentioned, you have to scrape off the dark-yellow mustard before pretreating the stained area with white vinegar. Read the care label before washing the clothes. You can do it if it is fine to apply a little amount of color-safe bleach. 


Mayonnaise stains are quite greasy. Let your first instinct avoid putting water on the stain if this happens to you. Apply a liquid detergent when dealing with grease stains. 

Soy sauce

You do not have to worry; it is a common unfortunate stain. If the soy sauce stain is fresh, soak up the spill and sprinkle some baking soda. Dab gently on the stain with a clean damp cloth to absorb the sauce. Do not scrub the stained area as it stretches the stained fabric.

Melted butter

The same on dealing with the mayonnaise stain, it is important to avoid damping the stain with water when dealing with the mayonnaise stain. If you deal with melted butter stain, you have to apply cornstarch or baby powder directly to the stain; this method sips the stained oil.

When dealing with condiment stains experts recommend using warm water. Although warm water helps open the cloth fiber and allows the stain to remove freely and easily, you should read the wash care label on your clothes. Some clothes are too delicate to be washed in warm water. Remember, warmth can shrink or alter the clothing material. Thus, before you launder your clothes in the washer, make sure you have carefully read its instructions.

Lastly, if these condiments still stay after the pre-treatment, it is best to bring them to the nearest laundry service. Their laundry experts know how to deal with this garment situation properly. 

Final words

Do not despair the next time you find your favorite clothes with a condiment stain, do not despair. You can always pre-treat them and wash them carefully after. Now, you can enjoy barbecue parties or intimate dinner dates without worrying condiments might stain your favorite cloth.

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