10 Toilet Etiquettes Everyone Should Know

We can do crazy things in our private toilets because it has a certain comfort. But, a shared space demands certain restraint. Sharing a restroom space with someone who does not respect your boundaries or adhere to proper toilet etiquette can be a very unpleasant experience.

Toilet Etiquettes you should know

Here are a few toilet etiquettes to help make your experience better and show respect to others that share it.

Wash your hands after each visit

You should wash your hands after every toilet visit. Recent research on contamination in public restrooms shows toilet door handle has the highest microbial contamination at 91%. Microbial contamination also exists in private toilets too.

So, you should wash your hands routinely after visiting toilets. Whether you are from a private or public toilet, ensure your hands have no germs. Use disinfectant soap or antibacterial hand wipes to get the germs off your hands.

Ensure the toilet is clean and unclogged

You do not want the next visitor to come across your mess. Imagine coming to someone’s mess and being forced to clean it up before you use the toilet. It’s disgusting, to say the least. Worst still, the experience can be awful if they leave a clogged toilet.

So, you need to clean up the toilet to ensure the next person is also taken care of. Have enough tissue paper that can clean up the seat for the next person. Also, replace the tissue paper if you’ve used the last pieces. For a public restroom, inform the attendant on your way out if the tissue paper is over.

You can also inform the public restroom attendants if the toilet is clogged. However, for your private toilet, having hands-on tips on unclogging a toilet can come in handy. It will help your toilet space be more convenient and clean for you and your friends and family.

Dispose of sanitary towels appropriately

Admit it, at some point, you have asked yourself this: why does my toilet keep clogging?

Any careless disposal of sanitary towels can cause a lot of hassle for others, a clogged toilet for one. Whether tampons or pads, sanitary towels can make the toilet space dirty or clog the toilet if disposed of wrongly. Even wipes and diapers should not be disposed of carelessly.

Flushing them will lead to pipe blockages and cause pain to other users. So, you should dispose of sanitary towels in the bin. The best practice is to wrap it carefully on a napkin paper and dump it in the dustbin.

You must also equip yourself with a good home remedy for clogged toilets so if you happen to face this dilemma for known/unknown reasons, then you can resolve it right away.

Leave the toilet seat down

Most people always forget and leave the toilet seat up. It is a bad practice given that any accidents may lead to things falling right into the toilet bowl. If you have a toilet shelf full of products and objects right above the toilet, then you should be extra careful, you might end up with a clogged toilet.

To avoid accidents that may lead to unpleasant experiences, you should always leave the toilet seat down. It will help you avoid pipe blockages if something accidentally falls into the toilet bowl.

Be patient while queuing

Restroom moments can be pressing and unduly demanding. But you need to be patient and queue like everyone for a public restroom. So, next time you find yourself at a restaurant or Movie Theater’s restroom, wait in line patiently for your turn.

And when it’s your turn, do not keep others waiting for long. Conduct your business swiftly and allow others to deal with their pending businesses as well.

Avoid making small talks

It can be a tense moment when you find yourself with a stranger in a public restroom. Some would prefer to break the anxious mood by making a little conversation. It is worth noting that toilets are designed to be private spaces, even if they are public restrooms. So, it is perfectly fine if you choose to ignore anyone who tries to engage with you.

You can nod or smile if you do not feel like talking to a stranger. Alternatively, you can just assume that you are not being talked to and go on with your business. You should avoid whispering or shouting. So, if you have pressing concerns you wish to raise, do so with the attendant for public restrooms.

For private toilets, the best you should do is to get yourself occupied while doing your business. But, do not attempt making dance videos while handling your core business. Also, you should avoid receiving calls while in the toilet –– no one wants to hear your business!

Do you feel like your singing talent props up and overwhelms you while doing your business in the commode? If yes, then we share the same hidden talents. Although it can be a comfortable space to relax and rehearse our singing, it can be a turn-off to others.

So, the next time you are in a public restroom, hold on to your urge to hum your beautiful tune. However, you can be free to hum out your lungs if you’re in your private toilet. But, you may need to be considerate if you live with other people in the house. What’s fun to you may be a total piss-off to others. So, do it moderately in your private space and avoid it in public restrooms.  

Always lock the toilet door

You should lock the toilet door if you don’t want someone to accidentally open the door when you’re peeing. An unlocked door is a subtle invitation for the next person to get in and carry on with their business.

So, the private space will automatically signal others to proceed and interrupt you. Put plainly, you will be begging people to violate your privacy, whether in your house or public restroom. Hence, you should always lock the toilet door even if your business will only last seconds.

Ask for permission to enter

Now you know that some people may fail to lock toilet doors. If you are a visitor or next in line in a public restroom with such a person, be courteous enough to ask for permission before getting in. Or perhaps knock first. Do not assume that an unlocked door is an invitation. It is good toilet etiquette to ask for permission first before pushing that unlocked door.

If there is no response from the person it is better to wait until they come out. They may also respond through gestures like a raised middle finger. Whatever the response is, you should patiently wait until they are done with their business.

Protect your personal space if a stranger is intruding

What if you are the victim of a privacy violation? How should you react to someone getting close to you while peeing in a public restroom? You can call them out for making you uncomfortable.

So what happens to not making small talks in the toilet? You are allowed to speak up when your privacy is under threat.

So if a weirdo moves closer to you while handling your business, ensure they know their actions are making you uncomfortable. It is not necessary to be rude to them. So, you can politely inform them that they need to back off.

Call the police if someone makes you feel unsafe

Unfortunately, some weird strangers can still get closer to you regardless of a stern warning to back off. Any adamant, aggressive, and suspicious actions at this moment may warrant a police mediation.

If you feel unsafe with any stranger in the toilet, then you can dial law enforcement officers. And this is particularly true if you notice that a stranger is trailing you. Someone can call you paranoid, but you would rather be safe than sorry.

Always choose safety. Since time immemorial, many great men and women have died in the toilet under worrying circumstances. For example, the King of England, Edmund II was killed in 1016 in the toilet by a Viking hiding in the chamber. He was stabbed in the posterior.

Other notable names that were stabbed in the toilet include:

  • Uesugi Kenshin, a Japanese warlord, was killed in 1578.
  • Wenceslaus III, a Bohemian royal, was killed in 1306.

So, you should not be afraid of reporting suspicious activity to police officers. Whether in a public restaurant or airplane, inform the relevant authorities of any suspicious persons.

It can help you may miss death by a whisker or even prevent a bomb attack. In some cases, like airplane toilets, terrorists may use the spaces to assemble explosives. So, go ahead, call out and report any aggressive and suspicious person that is intruding on your privacy.


Etiquette defines your level of civilization and your maturity as a social human being. Toilet etiquette is as important as other aspects of etiquette. Good toilet etiquette improves the toilet experience and respect for other users and their privacy.

A private toilet may have a different setting than a public restroom. But, toilet etiquette applies to both. There are three main things to consider to enhance your toilet etiquette and experience:

  • Keep toilet or leave it clean
  • Avoid talking or engaging with strangers
  • Protect your privacy, by all means, even if you will have to call the cops to achieve it.

The difference between you and a cultured person is shown by the cracks in your etiquette. Use the above toilet etiquette to improve your toilet etiquette.

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