Residential Service Lifts: Common Aspects To Consider

Just like a residential elevator that helps in the transportation of people, a service lift is typically used for carrying out goods. Like any other lift, a service lift can help in making vertical transportation easy. In a building with different floors, a lift for carrying goods is mandatory.

But whether you are planning to install residential service lifts or residential elevators in a building, a lot of planning needs to be done. A service lift needs to meet various safety codes to ensure proper functionality. The things to consider before installing service lifts are mentioned below.

Safety codes to meet before installing residential service lifts

The global market of elevators is estimated to reach US$ 183.2 billion by 2022. Before installing service lifts and contributing to the global elevator industry, consider these factors:


The first thing to ensure before installing residential service lifts is their safety. A service lift should be able to carry all the goods from one floor to another safely. You should test the maximum capacity of the service lift after installing it.

Every service lift should have an alarm system that can be used in case of any emergency. Before installing the service elevator, conduct a safety check in the area where it will be installed. The service lift should be accessible only by authorized individuals so that accidents can be prevented.


If you want to install a home elevator, you need to focus on its design. Residential elevators often have glass doors for a visually-pleasing appearance. But while designing a service lift, you don’t need to focus too much on its design. A standard design that makes the lift functional is enough for the vertical transportation of goods.


While installing an elevator, you need to determine how many people are going to use it throughout the day. Since service lifts don’t carry people, deciding the capacity of the lift is quite easy. A service lift cannot have a capacity of more than 250 kg. Depending upon the bulk of goods that need to be transported, you should decide on the capacity of your service lift. It is always prudent to settle for the highest capacity. It will ensure that more goods can be transported at a time.

Peak times

You should determine the peak hours during which your service lift will be more in use. It will help in better managing traffic and prevent people with goods waiting on one floor for a long time. One major reason behind installing separate lifts for carrying goods is to dodge the traffic.

If people and goods are transported in the same elevator, it can create a huge mess. Depending on the number of goods that need to be transported every day, you can decide how many services lifts you want in your building.


Before installing a lift, one needs to determine in what environment the service lift will be installed. Service lifts are available in restaurants, shopping malls, and even in hospitals. The capacity of the lift is often decided on the basis of the environment in which it is installed. While thinking about the environment, you also need to determine how many floors your service lift will have to cover.


Before installing a service lift, its accurate position needs to be decided. The positioning of the lift often has a huge impact on its functionality. A service elevator can be installed inside the building. It is usually installed by creating an interior shaft in a place where stairs aren’t present.

A service lift can also be installed on the outside wall of a building. It should get access to the landing of the building through an exterior or interior public area. A service lift can also be installed between or adjacent to the staircase. But it can be a safety threat in the event of a fire breakout. Service lifts should be ideally placed near the doorway and staircase.

Energy consumption

Service lifts operate with electrical energy. Before installing service lifts, you should always get an estimate of the energy consumption of your lift. You should always figure out ways to reduce the energy consumption of your service elevators. Refurbishing your service elevators is often a good idea to reduce energy consumption.


While installing a service elevator in your building, it is essential to think about quality. A good quality elevator won’t break down after every few months. You will not want to spend dollars trying to fix your service lift frequently. But if you want your service elevator to be durable, you should also focus on its maintenance.

Smart technology

Nowadays, even elevators use smart technology to offer improved functionality. Smart technology in service elevators helps in monitoring access and increasing security. Smart elevators can be accessed with the help of keycards instead of pressing buttons. The future of the smart elevator market can be shaped by various technological developments on the way. Artificial intelligence and other advances will trigger various other innovations related to smart elevators.

Elevator company

While installing service lifts in your building, you should find the best company for elevators. You will find elevators with various mechanisms in the industry. Whether it’s the rack and pinion mechanism or the hydraulic mechanism, it should be the best. The elevator company should use components of the highest qualities in their residential service lifts. The precise engineering of the service lifts should soften start or stop. The lateral movement of the lift won’t be evident when you get it installed by the best company.

Ending note

Service lifts in your building can make the transportation of goods a lot more convenient. Even though service lifts don’t carry people, accidents can happen all the time. Therefore, always remember the factors given above before installing service lifts. You should not make an impulsive decision and hamper the security of your service lift.

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