The 5 Best Home Drinking Water Filtration Systems

Would you believe it if we told you that Americans drink upwards of a billion glasses of tap water each day? Even though our tap water is safe to drink, it also contains potentially harmful chemicals that may make it taste bad or unhealthy to consume.

This is why many Americans add filtration systems to their homes rather than buying bottled water for their everyday drinking water. Are you wondering which drinking water filter or filtration system would be best for your home?

Types of home drinking water filtration systems

Having fresh and clean home drinking water is important to maintain good health and well-being. Keep reading to learn more about the best home drinking water filtration systems.

Reverse osmosis

This system was engineered for the typical home. It’s a powerful system that completely removes all particulates, dissolved solids, contaminants, chemicals, carcinogens, etc.

The water goes through a semipermeable membrane to strip the water of harmful bacteria and viruses. Reverse osmosis can pull clean drinking water out of polluted water using pressure.

Pitcher System

The fastest and least expensive way to filter your tap water and turn it into safer drinking water is a water filter pitcher. These pitchers use a filter that usually contains activated carbon. The water passes through the filter to fill the pitcher with water with less, lead, no dissolved solids or heavy metals.

There are many different brands on the market. Look for NSF or Water Quality Association certifications to ensure you’re buying a quality product.

Under-Sink Filter

Under sink filter is your best option if you’d like your filtration system to be out of sight. This type of system is self-contained, uses a variety of filter types, and is connected to a separate faucet next to your sink.

You can use the soap dispenser opening to install the specialized faucet.

Countertop Filter

This type of water filtration system sits on your countertop and doesn’t require a lengthy installation process. The diverter adapter is attached right to the kitchen faucet. The tap water will go through the filter system to give you cleaner water to drink and use for cooking.

Faucet Attachment

Another DIY option is the faucet attachment filter system. The faucet mount goes on the head of the spigot in your kitchen. The one drawback with this type of filter is that they tend to get heavy as they fill up with sediment and contaminants.

Changing your drinking water filter is important and should be done regularly to ensure fresh, clean-tasting water free from harmful contaminants like lead, chlorine, iron, and more.

Home Drinking Water Filtration

There’s a home drinking water filtration system for every situation. No matter your household size or where you live, you can find a sustainable water filtration system so you and your family can enjoy clean water without buying bottled water. You’ll help keep thousands of water bottles out of landfills.

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