Are Rechargeable Bulbs Worth It?

We live in a throwaway society that is striving to do things better. It is becoming increasingly obvious that humans are damaging the planet and, if action isn’t taken soon, it will no longer be possible to repair it.

As such, there has been a big push toward cleaner technology, as illustrated by many governments banning combustion engines in the future and embracing cleaner options, such as electric cars. Of course, there are many other smaller things you can do to help the environment, such as recycling old items. But, not all options are as good as they may seem. For example, are rechargeable bulbs really a good investment?

They work with standard lights

Often, when new technology arrives, there is a difference in connectivity, meaning you have to replace everything connected to an item. This isn’t the case with rechargeable bulbs, you can still add the latest designer lighting to your home.

It’s important as this makes it much easier to spread the cost of converting to rechargeable bulbs. In fact, because you only have to buy the bulbs this is a surprisingly affordable way to save money and the environment.

They work without power

A rechargeable bulb will need recharging at some point. But, if you use these bulbs and they are charged then you can enjoy lighting even if there is a power outage. Obviously, if the power is out for too long the bulb will fail. It all depends on how much charge it has in it and how long it is designed to last on one charge.

You can relocate them

Rechargeable bulbs screw into fittings in the same way as standard bulbs. But, they don’t need to be connected to the power supply. That makes it very easy to move lights around and create the right ambiance for any occasion. Or, you can simply brighten an area where you are working.

It’s a great way of effortlessly redesigning your home.


Rechargeable bulbs usually use LEDs. This means they have very low heat output and use very little energy. That makes it safe to out the bulb anywhere without the risk of burning young children or pets.

Better for the environment

Rechargeable bulbs will last much longer than standard bulbs, meaning you aren’t disposing of them at landfill sites. Additionally, the components are recyclable, allowing other products to be made. This greatly reduces their impact on the planet.

Of course, if they are also powered by clean energy they are even better for the environment. You can do this if you have solar panels on your home but if you’re on the grid it’s harder to know if your energy is clean or not.

The bottom line

Rechargeable bulbs will provide the same light as a traditional bulb, they can be dimmed and they are easy to recharge as and when needed. They are also surprisingly affordable, making them a great investment and something that every household should consider.

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