How To Soundproof Your Apartment

One thing apartments have in common is close neighbors, as in literal wall-to-wall neighbors. With neighbors, this close, noises coming from apartments next door might be reaching your room. The level of noise that seeps into your room depends on how soundproof it is.

It might not be external noises you are worried about but the ones from your room. If you love putting audio or videos on loudspeakers, then you might want to soundproof your apartment, in consideration of your neighbors.

However, don’t be scared that soundproofing will require big bucks and many installations. There are easy tips that are not commonly known that can help you to soundproof your room. Although, the best action is to contact an acoustic engineer to help you get started.

Hang acoustic panels

Sound is made by vibrations, which create sound waves and move through the air, water, and wood.  The sound waves continue their journey till the sound particles run out of energy. However, in rooms with rigid walls, the sound bounces off the wall and moves around with renewed energy. Therefore hanging acoustic panels, usually in the form of fabrics or boards, prevents noise from jumping off the wall.

Seal the gap in your door

As sound moves through the air, people in the same room can hear themselves better than two people in separate rooms. Therefore the more gap your door has, the level of sound that passes through it. To prevent this, sealing the hole in your door is the solution. You can add materials like a door sweep for the bottom and foam weather stripping for the sides along the door.

Add soft furniture

The sound resounds off hard surfaces like walls, tile, wood furniture, and more. However, when you add soft materials to these surfaces, it will absolve the sound and thereby keep the volume to a minimum. Examples of soft materials you can add to your homes include rugs, textile mats, carpets, and more. These materials do a good job of muffling sound from outside and inside your room.

Add soundproof window inserts

You probably know that, like the door, the window is a key location that sound passes through to enter or leave your room. The air is the critical factor there; as a medium for transporting voice, the window is the primary way it enters the home. The window was meant to let air in and ventilate the house. Therefore, sounds coming through the window can be tolerated when the window is open.

However, when the window is closed, and sound still makes it’s way inside, then it is time to soundproof your window. Window inserts are a great way to keep the air out. You can also use thick insulation tape to cover the sides where air can get through, just like the door.

More ways to soundproof your apartments;

  • Muffle sounds with a wall bookcase
  • Add a door curtain
  • Use soundproof curtain
  • Soundproof your doors
  • Soundproof your windows
  • Install door curtains

Final words

Having a soundproof home is the best. When you apply the tips above, you won’t have to worry about a neighbor’s crying baby or blaring speakers. You will be able to sleep like the universe was meant for you alone. To reiterate the tips, they are sealing the gap in your door and window, adding soft materials, using door curtains, e.t.c. for more advanced options, contact an acoustic engineer to soundproof your apartment for you.

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