7 Unique Ways To Personalize Your Rental Space

Renting can be a way to enjoy the benefits of city living without the high costs that come with owning property. There are many advantages to renting as an alternative to buying, such as living in different neighborhoods to find out which ones suit you best and then moving when it is time for your lease term to end.

Making it yours

One of the biggest issues renters have is making a space personal when they can’t decorate traditionally by using paint or wallpaper.

These days though, interior design designers have come up with a fresh way to represent your individuality through unique furniture pieces that can instantly transform a space as easily as changing the head on your pillow.

You can purchase unique furnishings that will really help make your place more personalized for an affordable price. The best part is that you don’t even have to spend a fortune to own pieces that people are sure to compliment you on when they see it!

Unique ways to personalize your rental space

Check out the best unique ways to personalize your rental space.

Get bespoke wall art

Not only is it a great way to highlight your personality, but also makes a great feature when putting together a living room that is inspiring you to be creative and be innovative in your design.

Custom wall art, such as a star map from craftoak.com, can be hung using command strips or other non-destructive frame hanging devices.

Experiment with frame colors

If you are looking at an abstract style, why not select one of the many pieces with unique patterns and colors?

You can start by creating gallery walls using different frames, each with different pictures arranged differently. Use color blocks in different sizes if you are looking for an overall look that can pop off the wall. Show off your friends or family as well by positioning them with small portraits for the perfect touch.

Choose interestingly shaped furniture

You can create your contemporary look by choosing pieces with unique shapes and colors like a mix between metals and woods or color tones that call to each other.

Layers are a way to show that your personality is complex and individual. Choose pieces that are too small or large normally for the room that you are in. Layer them together to create the perfect backdrop for your favorite clothes, accessories or even create a cozy atmosphere with soft colors.

Play with unique seating

Consider what you want out of your space. If it’s a place where you can read books or magazines while lounging on the floor, then an ottoman is the perfect solution!

If you like to have more seating options when hosting parties, choose versatile seating pieces such as poufs and pillows that can double in value when filled with accent pillows or other decorative items.

Color match your kitchen furnishings

A great way to make a space more personal is to coordinate your kitchen with the apartment’s living areas.

This is ideal if you want to keep items that can be of reuse in the kitchen rather than having them mixed in with the living room and dining room. There are some great ideas that you can use, check out Pinterest for some inspiration.

Accessorize with pendants and chandeliers

Pendants and chandeliers add a decorative touch, but they also provide additional lighting for smaller and darker homes. These decors can be used in many different ways for different décor styles you may prefer and can be changed easily to match your moods and preferences.

Use large area rugs

Every living area needs a rug to add an extra element of comfort and design flourishes. A larger area rug can be a great way to tie all the colors and themes in your room together. Be sure to choose a rug that compliments your furniture, accessories, and wall colors in the room, and don’t forget to take into consideration the room’s space requirements before you purchase.

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