How To Make Your Guests Feel At Home In Your Vacation Rental Property

Your guests should feel welcome and at home at all times during their stay at the vacation rental property. A happy customer means good ratings, which means more guests in the future, and the key to that is good hospitality. Luckily, there are quite a few things you can do to make your guests feel at home at vacation rental property during their stay.

Always respond quickly

Having a system set up to respond to guests’ needs is a must. Something like short term rental management software is more important than you might think, with good software, you’re just one click away.

People don’t like having their issues not addressed immediately, so being connected through a phone app is one of the quickest ways to remedy that. With a system like that, you can set it up to solve problems ahead of time so that the guests won’t even notice there might have been an issue.

Never fudge your bookings

Having several platforms where you list your bookings might lead to potential issues with simultaneous bookings. You should always strive to avoid that by finding the best channel manager for Airbnb so that you’ll be sure that the property will never be double-booked at the same time.

Nobody likes to go on a vacation and find out their room has already been booked by someone else. This is a huge no-no, so make sure to avoid it at all costs.

Place welcome gifts

This type of gift shouldn’t be a big thing. Something like a good local coffee, or even freshly picked flowers will do wonders. Leave a personal note that you’re welcoming them to the property and you’ll have done more than most rental hosts.

It’s a small act of kindness that typically results in higher and more frequent ratings, which you definitely want to strive for. You can give the gift in person but it’s not a must.

Remove personal items

Things like obviously personal items should be avoided in any rental. Having photographs of someone else in your room will most likely shatter the guests’ illusion that they’re at home, so avoid it as much as possible.

Also, things like items that show your family name can have a similar effect, as well as trophies and anything that’s definitely your own personal item.

Provide space for sleeping and hanging out

Having a comfortable sleeping area is an absolute must, but something else to strive for is also a comfy living area.

Everyone would enjoy having a good relaxing space to hang out, play board games, or watch a movie whenever they want to unwind. That living space should be able to accommodate every guest on the vacation rental property, so try not to make it very small. Also, aim for using white sheets for the bedrooms.

That way guests won’t have to wonder if the room is certainly clean because there will be no way to hide the stains. That’s one of the main reasons why hotels keep using white sheets.

Final words

Having your guests feel at home is a must. A happy customer will leave a good rating at the end of their stay, which will only attract more and more customers down the line.

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