Is It Possible To Build A Two-Storey House Without Stairs

Two-storey houses tend to be a popular option as they create a spacious home without taking up too much of a given plot. This is one of the main reasons why two-storey homes without stairs are becoming increasingly popular across Australia.

However, having a two-storey home usually means incorporating stairs into the property. This is the conventional way to move between floors.

There are some people that choose to use a rope or ladders instead of fitting stairs. These are usually done as a temporary solution but can be permanent as a rope helps with regular strength training and maintains fitness.

Of course, if you’re disabled or have mobility issues a rope probably isn’t an option and stairs aren’t the best answer either. The good news is that it is possible to build a two-storey home without stairs. You can do this for yourself or as part of an NDIS property investment, effectively creating a disability-friendly house.

Add a lift

The most obvious solution is to add a lift to your home. This can sound extravagant but it’s actually a really good way to get between floors and it’s very beneficial when moving furniture.

A lift will need a power source but the footprint of a two-person or one-wheelchair lift is surprisingly small. In fact, it will take up less room than a standard set of stairs.

This isn’t the cheapest option but it does future-proof your home. That means, if you develop a disability or simply encounter mobility issues in the future, you can still enjoy every part of your home.  

Incremental levels

Another option when you’re building your own home is to create ramps but use half-floors. A ramp from one floor to another would require a large amount of space, even if it doubles back on itself. But, if it were to go up half a floor and then turn before going up another half-a-floor then you can add an additional room at the halfway point.

This will ensure you are making the most of your available space and allow you to incorporate a ramp. That’s great for people with mobility issues and for children, ramps always offer a lot of potential for play. That doesn’t mean you want them to play on the ramps!

Additional thoughts

A two-storey house without stairs generally makes a nice family home. But, if you’re trying to find a way to build it without adding stairs you need to ask why you don’t want stairs. Yes, there are many ways to move between floors, such as ropes, ladders, and even a climbing wall. But, as fun as these can be, they are not a practical option as you age.


That means you need to consider what your long-term plans are and whether a two-storey house without stairs is the right option for you. In many cases, you will be better off with a one-storey house. But, you’re the one building the property, the choice is yours.

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