6 Things You Need To Know About Windows Replacement

Window replacements are a good way to refresh, redecorate or repair your house. You may feel that you need an update or just want a brand-new look for your home. Maybe you need more energy efficiency in your house. A window replacement can do just that.

Before getting your window replaced, it is important to know some vital questions that you may need to ask or encounter during the process. Window replacement can be quite pricey if you do not know exactly what you need. Sometimes, a window replacement may not even be necessary for your case. Your window may just be in need of repair.

In order to help you, we’ve prepared 6 things about what to ask and what you need to know about replacement windows. We’d love to help you with all the information you need and how to fully benefit from a window replacement!

What is a replacement window?

A replacement window is not a full window replacement per se. However, it will replace the majority of your existing window which consists of the glass and its moving parts. There are many new technologies available in replacement windows that your old window may not have.

Should I get my window fixed or replaced?

Replacement windows can help with windows that are hard to open, broken windows, or windows that are too hot for your home. However, if moisture is your problem and you notice your window frame or window sill has already accumulated damage you may need the construction of a new window.

If you are taking steps toward a more energy-efficient home, you may also need a replacement window. It is important to check if your existing windows have any air leaks or if they are already coated by a specialized heat coating. If they are not, you can get replacement windows for this problem.

A new construction window may cost 50-100% of a replacement window. So it is best to properly gauge if you really need one or you can go with installing a replacement window.

When Should I Replace My Windows?

You can install replacement windows any time of the year. But it may be best to go with spring or summer. It is better to get them installed during this time because your window may not be set right during difficult weather conditions such as rain or snow.

Keep in mind, however, that since this is the optimal time, a lot of other people will be asking for window replacements too. Make sure to set your window replacement appointments early on so you do not run out of slots.

What types of windows can I get?

There are many types of windows you can get in the market. When you get your windows replaced you can get your old window styles or maybe try a new style to choose from to further freshen up your home. Here are just some of the styles that are possible for your new window replacement:

●    Single-Hung Windows

Single-hung windows are windows with the top sash fixed and the bottom part can slide up or down or tilted in.

●    Double-Hung Windows

Double-hung windows are similar to single-hung windows, however, you can slide and tilt both sashes of this type of window. This choice is great for providing ventilation. It is also easier to clean than single-hung windows.

●    Casement Windows

Casement windows are windows that swing outwards. They are preferable if you have tall, low-profile windows. They are easy to open and are commonly found above counters or cabinets. They are generally used in areas where windows need a bit of a reach to access.

●    Awning Windows

Awning windows are windows often used for privacy. They are commonly found in bathrooms or basements. It swings outward from the bottom and there are also latches so you can lock them too.

●    Picture & Combination Windows

Picture and combination windows are used to highlight the scenery outside your home. They also bring in a large amount of light. This is a good choice for living room areas or bedrooms with a good view. 

●    Specialty Windows

Specialty windows are done when you need an unusually shaped window. This is a  unique choice for a window and it certainly provides a fresher view. You can get circles, triangles, trapezoids, and more shapes in this type of window.

●    Gliding or Sliding Windows

This window style is simple and classic style. This is used for places where space is an issue. If you have limited space, you can’t get casement windows that swing outward. The gliding window would be the solution for your new replacement window.

●    Bay & Bow Windows

A bay and bow window is a bow-shaped window. They are windows arranged in an arch and usually come in 4-5 window panes. This is perfect for larger window openings.

What are window glazes and coatings?

When getting new windows or window replacements you can also have them in a variety of glazes and coatings. These are done so that you can block out some of the sun’s rays, keep heat out, or keep heat inside.

You can get single, double, or triple-glazed windows. A single-glazed window is the least energy efficient as it has no insulation. Double or triple-glazed windows are composed of 2 or 3 panes of glass with krypton or argon gas in the middle. This is done to help insulate your home.

For coating, windows today use a low e-coating. This is a tin coating placed on windows to limit the wavelengths of light that pass through your window. They reflect harmful UV rays but still let visible light through. This helps a lot in keeping your home energy efficient.

How do I prepare for my window replacement?

Before installing replacement windows, you must prepare your home. You don’t want to fuss around when the window installer is already there. Make sure to remove all curtains or blinds on the windows that you are replacing. Also, remove all furniture within 3 feet of your window area.

If you do this, your window installer will have a much easier time installing your windows and your furniture and things will not suffer from any damage or dirt.


We hope that the pointers we provided above can help you gauge whether or not you need replacement windows. If you do, we hope you figured out what type of windows suit you best. Hopefully, your window replacement goes smoothly!

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