6 Tips For Finding Your Home Decor Inspiration

Your home is the perfect canvas for you to express who you are, what you like, and what you don’t like. For many homeowners, finding a style that they love can be challenging as there are so many different options to choose from nowadays. Interior decor labels and styles can also be confusing and deciding between bohemian, industrial, mid-century modern, Scandinavian, farmhouse, shabby chic and all the other styles out there can become very overwhelming.

The key to finding your home decor style is to first understand what you like. You don’t need to commit to a particular style. In fact, you can cherry-pick from multiple different types of styles to create a unique style that reflects your unique tastes. For example, you might choose to pair a classic wooden bed head with modern geometric-designed bedside tables and paint the bedroom walls bright pink. On the other hand, you might choose a vintage leather sofa and style it with bright bold patterned cushions and textured throws for a unique look. The key to finding your style is to seek inspiration, be creative and create a style that you will love.

Tips for home decor inspiration

Let’s take a look at a few simple tips that will help you to find the home decor inspiration you need to style your home in the way you will like.

Interior design magazines

One of the best, and most obvious, ways to find inspiration for your interior design is to read some interior design magazines. There are plenty to choose from and there are some fantastic insights to be gained both from professionals and other amateurs just like you.

Check out some blogs

The blogosphere has grown to be an incredible resource over the last number and is a great place to find ideas, inspiration, and information on just about every topic. There are a number of home improvement blogs out there that you can check out and use to connect with communities of home decor enthusiasts online to share ideas with and ask questions.

Start a pinterest board

Pinterest is one of the best platforms online for inspiration of any kind from fitness programs to wedding planning to travel plans and of course interior design, Pinterest has a lot to offer. Start a Pinterest board where you can save all of your favorite articles, images, videos, and other online content in your very own digital scrapbook.

Visit some showrooms

If you want to see what the professionals are up to when it comes to interior design, check out some local showrooms. However, remember that showrooms are highly curated and while achieving this look is easy as you can simply buy everything you need there and then, they often lack any real character or personality.

Browse secondhand shops

Whether you are on a budget or not, second-hand shops are a brilliant place to get ideas for your home decor project. While showrooms will show you what the industry says your interior should look like, secondhand shops open up a world of weird and wonderful possibilities that you might not find elsewhere. Be open-minded, have a look around and you never know when inspiration might strike.

Look at your wardrobe

An often-overlooked strategy, when it comes to finding your interior decor style, is to simply look into your own wardrobe. Pay attention to the style of clothes you wear and the colours you gravitate towards. This can often be a great starting point in helping you to realize what you like and this knowledge can often be transferred directly into your decor ideas.

Look in the right places to find your home decor inspiration

Following the tips outlined above, you can uncover the decor inspiration you need to get started with your next interior design project. Remember to embrace your creativity, be unique and seek inspiration from the right places to help you to come up with a decor style that reflects your personality and who you are.

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